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    make life fun

    Release the complexities that seemingly exist to recognize that life is meant to be fun! So, as you look about to determine what it is you want to do and be, make conscious choices. Whether in a work profession, with family, in volunteerism, or any other undertaking, know each thing can be enacted as preferred. What is meant here?

    Do You Connect More Easily To One Than Another

    Everything is comprised of energy. As such, you have a certain energetic frequency that might connect you more readily to one person rather than another. In this way, you are perhaps drawn more readily to one person over another by this energetic alignment.

    When this occurs your energy aligns quickly with theirs. And so as you meet new friends, romantic partners, and business associates, don’t you tend to connect more easily with some individuals rather than others? Does it seem plausible that your energy may be attracted to theirs and vice versa?

    Even The Details

    So, as you move to create a more expansive life, wouldn’t you enjoy it more if even the little daily details were fun? Consider being with other like-minded individuals who enjoy your comments and interjections. Those who enjoy your additions as you enjoy their contributions. Isn’t life more fun when you can share an account or life experience with those who share your synergistic thoughts?

    But too, aren’t you stimulated by those who think differently? There is a cord of familiarity even though there seems to be a vast gulf of separation of thought. And so, know too that some are attracted because of bonds made prior to embodiment here. But how would you sleuth this out?

    Can You Feel Their Energy

    We would suggest the answer is an energetic one. Perhaps an energetic match exists. There may also be an inner or more innate knowing. You’ll know when another is on your same energetic frequency because you will strive to be around them more. And too, you are drawn to those who have a more positive frequency as they are always looking to go, do, and be in a more positive way. 

    There is an energetic component they exude and it is to achieve what others dare not dream. These are those who see the possibility, rather than the improbability that exists within each small accomplishment. Become the positive individual others seek to emulate.

    And too, trust. Trust what you feel as you strive to develop your inner connection. Seek to grow the ability to connect with the awareness which exists within. This inner knowing can be relied upon and trusted. And yes, seek guidance, too.

    Is Your Job Fun

    The same goals you seek in other endeavors might also be engaged within your workday. Do you seek a solitary existence or do you enjoy interactions with co-workers? Do you feel a need to be accepted by your peers? Do they seek to engage with you, as you do with them?

    Even if you are a one-man or one-woman operation, don’t you need to reach out to have a physical connection with either a client, vendor, or another? Seek to engage with those who will make your day more enjoyable than it was without them. And do they seek your input too? Don’t they add a bit more fun to the equation of the day? Friendships within the workplace brighten the day as confidence and trust are established. As friendships grow in value and colleagues become invaluable resources, your day becomes fuller because of the addition they bring to the equation of your life.

    Limit Limitations in Life

    Limitations to Universal flow exist when you engage from a negative vantage. Instead of complaining, can you engage from a more positive position? Have you also thought about reaching out to compliment someone? Can you thank another for the high-quality work product they consistently provide? Have you found when doing this, other parts of the day become complementary to what you put into motion earlier?

    In giving out positive affirmations through your conscious intention to do so, Universe will return the energy you have given out by giving you more positive components in your day. In other words, when you do positive things toward another, like-kind energy will gather and return to you. This is as the Law of Attraction suggests.

    Be Love

    And so, we would say, move in Love. Be Love. Not to be fake or flowery, but recognize how each is connected energetically. Raise your energy (and all who connect with it) in a most positive way.

    Make Everything Fun

    Do you feel it when another is grateful for your kindness as it is less common today for someone to take the time to randomly pay a compliment to another? Buoy up the other. This will raise your spirits in kind. These create a lightness within the day and make life (and all you do) fun.

    Live life from this perspective and see how this will raise your energy. Move to align and make everything fun.

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