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Manifest the Best Day Meditation

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    Manifest the Best Day Meditation
    Synchronize with Your Heart Space, Manifest the Best Day Meditation

    The Elders share and provide information on how to manifest the best day via meditation. In this meditation, insights are provided that allow you to bring forward a magnificent day, an intentional day, a day that is wanted and desired.

    Do you recognize that when you stop to frame the day, you do so in an intentional way? Not in a haphazard way. But a purposeful day full of the ingredients you want within the mix. Just like starting from scratch when creating your favorite soup, this is your opportunity also to create your best day…each day.

    I recognize now that by crafting what I want, a more intentional day results. One that was started in a whimsical way. This day goes beyond what the mind might suggest. It’s created in a light-hearted way and always contemplated by beginning at the heart.

    Synchronize with Your Heart Space

    When you synchronize with your heart space first, you align differently. Your heart center is more powerful than you might believe. So often we begin with mental ponderings, intentions or thoughts. But this isn’t that. Consider enlisting the heart as you place your focused attention there. It’s really quite simple. The mind may conjecture other things but release that and begin in this way.

    Now all that moves out to Universe vibrates from your heart space rather than aligning from your mental-ness.

    Let Universe Know What is Wanted

    When you let Universe know what you want, then there is a greater ability for that preferred reality to be made real. Don’t you see that you then become the master craftsman of your own reality? You don’t allow the day to move in a mechanical or haphazard way but one that is lovingly engineered from the heart space.

    It is also not a reality that just happens without you establishing a more intentional flow to be orchestrated. Now you move from those haphazard steps to purposeful ones.

    Life is wonderful in that way. As a result, your day produces what you want as a new valued part of your life. Making manifestations that you prefer. You are centered from your heart space, aligned in the wonderment of it all as you add feeling into the mix. You see, adding how you would feel in the creation of the thing is a most necessary component.

    It’s the one component that is often overlooked. But to miss the feeling component is like missing the most integral ingredient to a soup you create. Soup doesn’t taste or isn’t as it might be were you to miss adding the stock along with other key ingredients.

    Qualify Each Request

    Although the Elders didn’t mention it here, I’d recommend qualifying each request. I have to remind myself to take this step routinely too. You never know what Universe has in mind for you. And asking for the outcome you want may not be as expansive as it might otherwise be. Or it may not be all that you could experience when you ask for something more specific to occur without also qualifying your request. You want to allow some wiggle room from Universe. This way you might have an even better outcome come into play.

    If you haven’t considered something even better, then it would be hard for you to know to ask for it. Allow Universe the ability to expand your request by allowing it to be so.

    The Day’s Blueprint

    Now a new blueprint for your day has been created in this way. Now you have let Universe know precisely what you want and desire. Not doing so in a lower, more needy way but in a purposeful and marvelous way. Take the necessary steps to move you to manifest the best life. Isn’t that what you want?

    Isn’t life a magnificent thing to experience? Now listen to the loving meditation given by the Elders…

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