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Move Beyond the Maya

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    move beyond maya

    So often there is a tendency to become trapped in the activities of the mind. This is a maya of its making. To be in a space that moves you to do this or that, go here or there, but the thing it seeks is of no real measure or value. Do you want to move beyond the mind’s illusionary banter?

    When you work to accomplish certain things, do you also find a feeling of reward or achievement which correlates to them? What of this feeling? And is this thing an achievement of great regard or is it merely another item to complete on your checklist? Does it allow and enlist service to others, or is it something that is, in the scheme of things, of little or no intrinsic value?

    Move Accordingly

    We tell you much can and might be accomplished when you become centered and move from a space of love in service to others. Might you look at all you do and see the benefit of completing each project whether it is done for another who requires your assistance or done for yourself?

    Big Picture

    Seek then to know the “bigger” picture that awaits your recognition. When shortcuts are taken, objectives modified, and you have removed this thing from your field of view and moved on, what then? Have you left something unfinished which will cause another to have to step in to do what was not fully accomplished by you? Must another then deal with what was done or perhaps, left undone? And in the modifications that exist, were shortcomings created? Will they hold up in time? Were shortcuts taken because you did not value another (or yourself) in the process? When you do something that compromises the accomplishment found within the components of completion, what then?

    Strive to do all things with the expertise you command. And by this we mean, recognize these things are of your creation. In their creation, do you know each thing to be of good working order? Is it something that will not unravel?

    Benefit Another

    Excel and do what will benefit another. All energy thusly goes out and returns full circle back to you. So, in this regard, if you do something in a makeshift manner, then its workings will, in time, fail. Then, you will be called upon again to repair (or make good) what was not done in the best manner initially. If you are in a business dealing and you seek a preferred outcome but don’t dot all of your “i”s or cross all of your “t”s, you will find gaps in what you have brought to the table. And when this or that does not hold up to the test of time, it will reappear on your doorstep. And so we say, look to each thing and consider that you are working on behalf of yourself and do as you would want another to do unto you.

    Seek to Inspire

    Do today what you will be proud of tomorrow. In that energetic release, you will find so much more can be when you aspire to do the best. Seek to inspire others with your work ethic. Know all that can ever be is up to you … for you create your tomorrow. Choose to create those things that will propel your next steps in a most positive manner. Move from the mind and determine what is wanted and what might be gleaned in this moment. Then, the outcome you prefer can more readily occur.

    Move from the mind and release certain components so balance might enter in.  And in that recognition, find what is unnecessary as you release the push/pull which might otherwise be. 

    Move in the flow of all that is.

    And so it is.

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