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Move in Step, Your #1 Step

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    Take that next best step

    Are you moving in step with what we might say is your next best step? Do you see that often you fixate upon “this or that”? This draws something into your immediate focus, do you see… You feel this is the right thing. You align with it and it with you. What happens, however, when your focus shifts and you move that “most valued thing” into your rearview mirror to accomplish yet another day?

    Take Preferred Steps

    Do you see that this objective grows smaller and fainter as you progress in time? It’s as if you were driving away in your vehicle. When it is minimized and seen more distantly, is this objective also seemingly lessened in its scope and purpose? Take purposeful steps to move you ever closer to each objective sought.

    This once quite prominent thing has become, in some ways, lessened. Lessened in value as your immediate focus now resides somewhere else. And until you realize how you must maintain focus on what is desired, then that thing which is most precious is placed upon your shelf. It is to be done later, another day. And so, will it ever be? Will you ever bring it into existence?

    It will never become that which it awaits to be until you are ready to focus upon it. The focus which you must hold is one of clarity of purpose. So much so that you do not delay. That “this one thing” becomes the priority every morning as you awaken, and then as you move about your day. Center your focus upon it.

    Every time you stop for a moment, and it does pop into view … you also allow it to be mingled in your thoughts. Allow it to mingle and co-mingle there. Not to postpone thinking about it when you have more time. For now, this time is most precious. You must make time for it now, especially if this is what you want to manifest sooner rather than later. 

    Now Is The Time

    For you see, when you come to the place in your life where you have the luxury to focus upon something most desired, then it is the right time for you to lay claim to it. Do you see this? Can you recognize what awaits you in the vastness of endless possibility? What awaits you now?

    Can you reconcile that you are where you are meant to be to experience this realization? It is of little wonder that you get from here to there for at times, you are adrift in the quagmire of never-ending blitzes of social media, videos, and a myriad of other distractions. Mindless endeavors that take you away from what you might consciously do or be. Do you see this?

    And can you now, this day, pause? Pause to consider what next step you might implement and then consciously move to stay in step with it.

    The Original Purpose

    You see, your purpose awaits discovery. Your original purpose is why you are here. Don’t leave it behind to enact another day. Do so today so that you understand the objective set up by your Soul once upon a time. Recognize that now is the time to move and enact this most precious thing.

    Have you wondered about your purpose? And specifically, have you wondered about having an original purpose? And maybe even what the difference is between having a life purpose and an original one? This is the thing that caused your Spiritual Essence to want to incarnate here. Quite frankly it was to understand more.

    You see, in the spiritual world, there is not the understanding of what it would be like to come into form and feel. It is the feeling component that gives a flavor of what something is. It is to understand good and bad by the way certain things make you feel. It is the feeling component that is understood in this way. 

    Taking embodiment and experiencing life is the best way to fully understand as there is truly no way to fully describe a feeling beyond experiencing. That’s why good and bad things are to be experienced because it gives you a range of understanding. It gives you a depth of understanding. It gives the ability to know more deeply how this thing that was not earlier understood to be understood and known. 

    Life is a bit funny that way as there is so much more to living than might be understood otherwise. That sounds funny but imagine, how things you feel make such a big impact on how you react … how your life moves forward. What you choose to embrace and what you want to stay away from. 

    And so this life and each life is meant to be lived employing the feeling component – what it moves you to believe or not, even when there is more to the understanding. 

    The third book within the Purpose Trilogy speaks on this subject at great length. Especially why you are not the mind or your thoughts. That always seemed a bit hard for me to grasp, but now I understand that it’s the whole package. The mind regulates and relegates much within the day. It makes sense that it wants ever more control as it also runs so much within the day. 

    So now the objective is to regain that control and treat it as the tool it was meant to be. To choose different thoughts to think when it suggests things that are not uplifting or good-natured. To redirect this thinking by introducing other thoughts that feel better. And to stay focused on those things as opposed to what it might suggest. Might you listen now to what is shared by the Elders in this way?

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