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How To Release Limited Beliefs to Allow Greater Truths to Become Known

Different PerspectiveDo you embrace something new when you recognize it as being freshly conceived? Might you embrace a new understanding today? Think about this now as you consider a concept currently in play. One that has been previously established and fixed for a time. Something you’ve believed and held tightly to before. Something conceived and anchored from some earlier time. It's an idea of how this or that was to be. How it is and how this thing is to be conceived and perceived exactly as thus and such. Something which you might say is set in stone. But since that too is merely energy in a different form, might you look at this thing with refreshed eyes?

Set in Stone

Recognize how this thing that was perceived to be set in stone, isn’t as you thought it was all along. Can you do that? Yet can you take something you knew to be true because of a practice or belief system holding it there and shake it free? In other words, can you change the vibration you held in relation to it?

When you strive to release something, is it again merely reinforced? This reaffirms the belief held to be valid. It is as you believed, as you conjectured it to be and so it was. But might you look again?

Shift to release what you thought to be true from one vantage point. Shelf any mental considerations for a time and now look again with fresh eyes. Might that feeling felt be something else entirely? Assimilate what is now known to be so and consider this thing once again. Seek a disinterested posture as you release those beliefs. Release those that further anchored them into place.

In this way, you can grow, cultivate, and recalibrate formerly held understandings. Bring a new awareness into view. Perhaps it is time for a more discerning recognition to take seed. Or perhaps, shelf this consideration for a time to allow for a further anchoring to occur. Allow roots to become established from the seeds planted and the firmer foundational footing which results.

Focus now and look again as you begin anew. 

And so it is.

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