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Ordering, What to Choose First

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    Ordering - what to choose

    As you begin in the newness of this time, do you wonder as to the choices made and the ordering you’ve chosen? Do you set certain priorities so they might become accomplished first? But in choices established, do you find that the ordering remains in question? Do you wonder what might be best so you can remain in step with Universe and Universal flow?

    So often, you move to accomplish things within the day. What might be done to facilitate the next appropriate step? Yet in this way, do you act in accordance with what needs to be done in an immediate way? Perhaps missing other steps which would produce a more preferred, long-term solution.

    Pause to Consider

    Think about it. When all the items became checked off your to-do list, what was the end result? You have now moved throughout the day, doing this or that, and enabled all that proceeds from what has been completed. You feel good. There is a sense of accomplishment, and so you move from those things and on to the next.

    Within that timeframe, did you pause to slow the mind to consider if these things would yield your true objective? The objective with a larger, overarching premise? In other words, merely accomplishing more “doings” that have a more limited scope and premise is not enough. Rewards gleaned here can only yield so much. Do you see this? They cannot ultimately restore your health or the bigger initiatives which are before you. You see more is needed by anchoring within. Might Inner peace be needed too? A connection or re-connection to Source Energy is what is often needed. This would yield a boost of sorts. This would provide a recharge when you are running at less than optimal levels. 

    Rethink Your “To-Do” List & Its Ordering

    So when you recognize that many errands and items on your checklist are without merit, unworthy of your time, do you strive to do them anyway? Why is this so? Do they feed another part of you that is not fully connected to that greater aspect; does ego await some sort of gratification? You see, ego does lie at the root of some of this for there is a degree of self-gratification for the checking off of that next thing. You believe, through this line of thinking, that these things merit your time and so you feel accomplished. When thus and such are complete, and the activity is fulfilled, does a sense of satisfaction ensue?

    Might you pause instead to reflect on a different type of activity? One that will fuel your day and the balance you inwardly seek? Might you move in a manner that is grounded? Grounded through contemplation as you seek to recharge your internal battery. We wish for you to consider a path that is more purposeful and one that is aligned without ego’s bombardment of demands and the other nuances it elicits. 

    Align to Become Centered 

    So seek to align. Shift your priorities and align with the bigger picture now perceived. Look to accomplish those things that set you on a different trajectory than before. Look at your priorities and their ordering. Look to determine if they move you into a more positive or negative space. Once determined, seek to move into a better-feeling space. One that brings a smile to your face. Do you feel the difference?

    So if one choice is made from a feeling of duty or obligation, shift to enlist another consideration. Another pathway also exists. Move now to prioritize and utilize a more preferred path. When you make different choices, you will move into a better space. For now, you are seeking to move toward those things which will propel you into a more preferred posture. One of light, beauty, and wholeness.

    And so it is.

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