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Redirect Negative Thoughts

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    All is Possible

    Have you wondered about the thoughts you think? Are they positive and uplifting or judgemental and unkind? Redirect negative thoughts to something that makes you feel good. Does that seem too simple to be true. Is it really that easy to shift from the negative banter such thinking suggests?

    All is Possible

    Do you recognize that you are not your thoughts? Life can be a struggle but it need not be. Instead, choose to see life and its endless opportunities. You see all is possible in this life if you believe in the endless choices that exist.

    Choose less association with negative mind banter. In such mental communications, solace is not routinely found. You must someday recognize this mental chatter does little good. These thoughts are not you, nor do they define or serve you. Oftentimes, you will hear unyielding criticism and negative undertones when you listen in. These rantings are typically judgmental in nature and not uplifting. So what can you do?

    Your Thoughts

    In the pursuit of happiness, pleasure, and accomplishment, you must determine what you want from this life as you remain aware of what is playing in the backdrop of your mind. If you don’t like the incessant ramblings that exist there, shut a mental door to any belittling or self-limiting thoughts. Then choose to consciously think about something that feels better.

    You are not your thoughts. They are separate and unique to you. You are conscious awareness and that which is connected to your Source – Source Energy. Know this. Recognize this and do not let anything deter you from this understanding.

    Loosen Your Grip

    Do you control your destiny or have you given the reins of control to another here on Earth? Seek to engage Universe, God or however you define your Source, as a viable and most-valued resource instead. It is when you loosen the tight grasp you hold upon the course of your life that more can enter in. To outline what you want is fine, but also allow for additions too. Welcome adjustments to the list of things you seek to accomplish in this life.

    Allow for Something Better

    Universe can provide opportunities when open-ended intentions are made. This allows more to be added to an original premise. Surrender and allow Universe to fill in some of the missing components. From this vantage, one can accomplish far more than they anticipated within the limited scope held by the mind. In so doing, you lessen the limitations that might otherwise appear. Surrender to Universe what you cannot know in human form.

    How might you benefit when you surrender your limited beliefs? If you don’t know the best outcome, would you knowingly self-limit your destiny when a more expansive reality might otherwise await manifestation? When operating from certain perspectives, limitations occur. If you cannot perceive it, how can you bring it into reality? You can do this when you surrender these details to Universe.

    Perceptions and Perspectives

    Life experiences are used to develop perspectives. They exist from a limited vantage. These are used as reference points, but cannot be all-encompassing since they exist from a limited reality rather than from a more comprehensive, all-inclusive one.

    Do you take chances or hold back, seek change, or prefer to remain in a status quo situation? Are subsequent choices then made because you were influenced by perceptions created by your perspectives? You’ve heard perception is reality which is true because it is held by you or another and believed to be so.

    Release Your Mental Knowingness, Self-Limitation

    Your life can be dramatically altered when you seek to surrender what you do not know. From this vantage, limitations are released. Do you see the advantage here? Individuals are no longer restricted to the confines and limitations of their mental constructs. A life can be uplifted from previously held, self-imposed limitations allowing for new opportunities to enter in. Slow the mind and release your mental knowingness to embrace the unknown. Ask for guidance from Universe. In this way, you can accelerate all you desire. Seek to accomplish what might now become known.

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