Reset, Restore, Renew by the Focus You Keep

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    Consider now to heal, restore, renew

    So what happens when you set off to accomplish this or that and find that nothing good comes of it? When you are within a trajectory that is not to your liking, can you pause to reflect upon why you are here or how you got there? What can be done? What can occur to reset the flow so it might be more in keeping with your desired intentions? In other words, how can you reset and restore to renew all around you? And more importantly, how might you begin to align with your desired intentions? Do you see you have a choice and the means to alter all that is before you now?

    We know you might consider stopping to muse upon things that are of a more whimsical nature. But perhaps you just want to experience this new thing. Maybe you want to feel what it is like to be in this or that house, to have certain clothes, to love someone unendingly, or to have a small kitten or puppy that will fill your hours with joy and laughter. What is it that you seek to find? Might you focus there now?

    You see, there is nothing wrong with each thing wanted. But perhaps, when you seek to enlist these things, are you met with opposition? Or might we say, are you met with oppositional thinking? And so, do move out of that space so you might release what constricts (and restricts) the energy flow. Shift to move in a manner that will enable you to experience this wanted thing and many others.

    In this life, you were meant to enjoy and experience whatever you desire. And so, when this does not occur and oppositional experiences seem to appear unceasingly instead, what might you do?

    Disconnect to Renew

    Stop, pause, and disconnect from what is occurring to and around you.

    We know this might sound impossible to accomplish for how can you stop in the middle of doing something and just pause? Surely others will notice and wonder what you are doing with your eyes shut as you align … as if no noise or other mental occurrence is lofting about you.

    And so, we do say, you must be aware of what is occurring in your world. Expand a limited view to one that offers a full scope of awareness. Access this by becoming present. Recognize what is underfoot. Shift your energy from here to there. Move out of mental chatter and into present moment awareness.

    And so recognize this and take note of where you currently reside, mentally. Is it where you want to be? At any point, you can shift your stance by getting out of the mind and out of the way of what might come to you more readily otherwise. Yes, you can do this easily. Choose to enact such steps. Move in a manner that does not constrict or restrict. A manner that will allow for a better flow of thoughts to enter in.

    Reset and Renew

    Reset and renew all by moving within. Clear the mind and begin again. Take deep breaths and align yourself by becoming grounded. And if you did not start your day this way, then do so now. Do so upon the recognition of the value this action can imbue.

    Sit, stand, or walk. You need not be in a meditational posture, but do take time to establish a focused practice to enact what you seek. For humanity, things continually shift. But you can regain control when you move back into a more balanced state.

    Yes. Reset, restore, and renew your day easily and more readily in this way. Give yourself love … self-love is vital and key. Take control, regain the energy you prefer, and then begin anew.

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