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Resistance vs. Acceptance

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    resistance vs. acceptance

    Why is acceptance of one’s destiny often fraught with resistance and fear? Misperceptions abound. A general misconception is adopted, rather than what might otherwise be.

    You see, often the mind enters into that scenario when you have not yet established your practice to override it. The mind and ego seek to affect your course of action. When you become consciously aware and move in a manner of greater awareness, what might you instead do?

    Consider This

    When you move toward the path of your purpose, so often this objective is minimized. Does one become distracted or is uncertainty underfoot? Will you look at your heart’s desire now? Contemplate what it is that gives you a feeling of wholeness. This is why you have chosen to move toward this one thing. And so when you step away from it and the mind begins to work on filling in the missing pieces (those things you cannot know for sure currently), it moves you toward unanticipated, perhaps even unwanted considerations. 

    Become the Awareness

    This is when you must stay aware of what is in play and at play within. Do you realize these distractions are what might move you further away from all you seek? And so, move this day to recognize your desires are not to be feared or fought. Remove fear from the equation and step away from such thoughts.

    Move now to embrace all you might manifest in this new undertaking. Take steps that move you to be more in alignment with what is desired. In such a discovery, you will find so much more can be made manifest. So many things can begin to shift and move into position for a greater expansion. New occurrences will fall into place. Yes, new opportunities abound when you allow them in. In this way, they are made physical. And then, from this place, all you desire to procure can be garnered as well.

    Resistance and Acceptance

    Let resistance fall away and move toward a path of acceptance of all that might be.  

    And so it is.

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