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Robyn Locke Discusses the Elders on Podcast

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    Closer to Venus hosted by Johnny Burke

    Check out the Closer to Venus Podcast which aired on Saturday, November 19, 2022, with host Johnny Burke. Johnny focuses on The Greater Purpose. This book is made up of the three books that comprise the purpose book trilogy.

    Johnny Burke: Welcome to Closer to Venus. I’m Johnny Burke, and today’s guest is Robyn Locke. She is an energy-intuitive author and international speaker, and today we are going to talk about her latest book, The Greater Purpose, the Bridge Between the Physical and Non-Physical World, and the Elders. Robyn, welcome to the show. 

    Robyn Locke: Thank you for having me here today. 

    Johnny Burke: Now for those of us who did not see our earlier episode together, can you tell them a little bit about how you actually do bridge the physical and the non-physical world, or what many people might call the invisible world? 

    Robyn Locke: What I’ll say is it’s really clearing the mind and stepping beyond what the mind would suggest. Having a welcoming space to be able to connect to something beyond my physical knowingness. So it’s just a matter of practice like developing a muscle. 

    Johnny Burke: You get insights from the Elders. Who are the Elders and what do we need to know about them? 

    Robyn Locke: When I first started receiving insights and this had been going on for a while, I finally stopped and said, ”What should I call you?“ And they said, ”You may call us the Elders.” And I said, ”Gosh, that sounds so formal. Is there something a little bit less formal that I could address you with?” And they said, ”This will do for now. In time we might change this if you prefer, but this will do for now.” 

    Over time I asked them how they would describe themselves and they said, Pure Consciousness, Infinite Awareness. They are mostly those who have not embodied and have that full 360-degree view of life without the mind or ego. They have an all-knowingness of expansiveness and the ability to understand what we’re going through without the constraints of the physical body and the limitations of the mind. 

    How Did You First Connect to the Elders

    Johnny Burke: So when you say you get insights, how did that start? Were there visuals or how did you come to recognize them? 

    Robyn Locke: So I would sit in meditation each morning and I would try to clear my mind, and I would pose questions. I would wait for my mind to become clear of the (mental) clutter of the ego or the mentalness. And wait for an insight to come in and I would write it down in my journal or on my laptop. (I started using a laptop) when I got to where I could type faster than I could write. I would record these (insights by writing them down). It just really became something that I did within my meditational practice before I went to my real job, years ago. So it was something that I kind of developed over time. 

    Johnny Burke: Now you say the Elders are those who have not incarnated, which I believe would be a point of distinction between the Elders and spirit guides, who apparently have incarnated. Is that correct? 

    Robyn Locke: There may be different understandings that different people have, based on their experiences. So I’ll say that although the majority of the Elders have not incarnated, and the ones I communicate with have not incarnated, there are those within that grouping who have become physical beings. The Elders are comprised of hundreds of spiritual beings. They actually came (here) on a mission. (They came) to Earth, and are of the persuasion of being that infinite awareness that gives insights in a loving sort of way.  

    Your Invisible Entourage or Spirit Guides

    The invisible entourage, which I think you’re referencing, are those that I also believe most likely have not incarnated, and are accessible when you start to ask questions. When you pose questions in prayer, meditation, and contemplation. This is when you’re looking for an answer. You have the means of understanding the answer that they’re giving. 

    The Elders are not my invisible entourage. That’s a different category or grouping of beings than are within this one. 

    So you have anywhere from five to seven in your entourage with you at all times. 

    Johnny Burke: Speaking of spirit guides, some can be loved ones who have passed on. It does get a bit confusing though, doesn’t it? There are different categories of these light beings for a lack of a better description. Would you agree? 

    Robyn Locke: Yes. I would say that it’s all a matter of interpretation. So imagine that you’re a guide for an individual. You’re a spiritual being guide that is trying to communicate and give insights, and now someone has passed that is a loved one that you want to communicate with. They’ve been referred to, and we did talk about this the last time as the great mimickers. It’s not meant as a means of deceiving. It’s meant as a means of being able to provide insights in a way that is receptive, that one is receptive to receive.  

    So I don’t say that they are not joining the group, that’s not my understanding, but it could be another’s understanding, but also consider now that you’re searching. They have the means to give an answer because they’re with you from embodiment to embodiment. They’re (also) with you during the in-between time. So they’re your resource. When you give an opening to allow them to communicateperhaps they want to take that (as an opportunity) to help the life stream that they serve.  

    Johnny Burke: Do you think it’s true that we can communicate with our past loved ones, through spirit guides? Do you believe that’s possible? 

    Robyn Locke: Absolutely. All you have to do is focus on their energy. We’re energy at the baseline consideration. And so when a loved one passes, I do it all the time. When I think about my dad or grandfather or someone that is dear, I just focus on them until I feel their energy and then I send them a message of love and I feel that reciprocated. It’s as simple as that. I believe you can connect at any point and at any time. You’re never separated. It’s the mind that believes in separation. 

    Johnny Burke: So we’re never separated, which means I can think of my mom or any number of people that I know that have passed, and they will acknowledge it. They will feel it. It’s not my imagination, right? 

    Begin from the Heart Space

    Robyn Locke: Right. And the thing I would say that would be key to that process is that you always begin from the heart space and that you always begin from a centered space of love, and that you ask to be anchored through light and love in the process. Then you just focus on them until you feel their energy. It doesn’t take very long. And then you say what you want to say and allow that feeling to be returned. Because everything at the end of the day is energy. So you’re just sending them an energetic kiss. 

    Johnny Burke: Energetic kiss. That sounds like a band name. As a matter of fact, I think that is a band. I think they’re from Brooklyn. more on that later. A few moments ago you mentioned something about the Elders and a mission they have. Is that related to what Dolores Cannon talked about in her books? Or is that something completely different? 

    Robyn Locke: You’ll have to share with me what Dolores shared in her books. I pretty much stay true to my books, so that I don’t mix messages. 

    Johnny Burke: One of our recent speakers, Holly Duckworth, who was somewhat of a protege of Dolores – we don’t really have time to go into all the details of the books — that would probably take hours. But I think, the gist of it is they are light beings that were reincarnated to come back on a mission. It sounds similar to what you’re describing with the Elders. They might be similar beings. They might be the same beings. Tell us about their mission. 

    Robyn Locke: What I’ll say is that the Elders were in another system of worlds, and they heard about spiritual essence being trapped in human form … that they had lost their way back home. They had lost their awareness of why they were where they were, and so they (the Elders) came on a mission to this planetary system to allow (and enable) a remembering. To allow more than what we have (remembered) today (in this time). 

    So they’re introducing more truths, more understandings, and it’s simply that the mind needs to not limit what is understood. But they came from another system of worlds to allow a remembering within humanity for those who quite frankly have been incarnating for quite a long time  

    Remember Your Purpose

    Johnny Burke: So those that have been incarnating for a while seem to have lost their purpose or did not remember? 

    Robyn Locke: Lost their remembering of why they’re here. If you feel like you have a purpose, then you have a purpose. But I’ve been told that not everyone has a purpose. So it’s that inner awareness that you have a purpose. You want to know what it is because quite frankly, you are Spiritual Essence (at your core). 

    (Once upon a time) Spiritual essence heard about this Earth platform where you could understand something when you don’t have the feeling ability in spiritual form. And so in order to understand what love truly is, how do you know what love is unless you know what love is not? And so they chose to enter into an agreement to come into physical form. 

    They donned, what the Elders call a space suit. It’s like an astronaut suit, to be able to breathe in the environment, to be able to walk and talk and do all the things that you would do to have this experience so that when they left this earth plane, this journey, this experience, then they (spiritual essence) would understand what love truly is.  

    So those who have forgotten what their objective was to be here in the first place, perhaps have not enacted or understood that purpose. They have forgotten their objective, their mission, their reason for being in this earth space. And so what the Elders seek to do is to remind them so that then they can enact what they came here to understand and move beyond this earth experience in the rounds of reincarnation, which will continue until they satisfy the agreement that they entered into to incarnate here. 

    Time Isn’t Real

    Johnny Burke: Now you mentioned that the Elders have been here. Do you know approximately how long ago that was in terms of Earth time? 

    Robyn Locke: They don’t know “time”.

    Johnny Burke: They don’t. 

    Robyn Locke: Time does not exist there, but what they shared in the Awaken book, which (also) launched recently, the first chapter is my soul’s first personality’s – my first embodiment because we’re all connected. It was beyond and earlier than recorded time. It was a more advanced time than today. What they shared with me most recently is that we have had a higher evolution that has devolved and now is evolving in a higher way now, but not certainly anywhere near the higher evolution that we once were (or knew). 

    Johnny Burke: Now that seems to imply that thousands of years ago, we did have an advanced, civilization here. Not just in terms of technology, but in terms of consciousness. 

    Energy Elixirs

    Robyn Locke: I think they always talk in terms of consciousness. I received an update the other day on how to incorporate the means of blending manifestation (energy) in (with) universal love, which was something that was done in this more highly evolved time. And it was the time they called the wanting, the wanting time

    So today you donate to a charity to help those who are a part of that charity to receive support from that charity. This is the means to create a manifestation energy mixed with universal love that actually buoys up a whole community, individuals within that community. You direct that energy to another. 

    It is an elixir, more or less. I’d asked for a new insight because a lot of times I feel like we’re giving the same update and I wanted something more. So this was in response to my request to have something more to be given. And it is the development of this energy elixir, and it’s going to be released on YouTube. So it’ll be on my YouTube channel. 

    Johnny Burke: All right. in your experience with the Elders, your insights sound like downloads. It’s almost like you get a firmware update or something. Have they given you any kind of knowledge of ancient civilizations? 

    Robyn Locke: They do, and they have. They’ve given me three (updates on this). One was (titled) a Lost Civilization; (another) one was (titled) A Story from a Long Time Ago. It’s fun to receive those because they give kernels of insights within each of them. You have to really listen. 

    I’ve started doing blog posts where it’s not from the Elders, but from me explaining what the Elders are giving, because sometimes they give it in such an esoteric way you may miss the message. So what I’m trying to do now is to start the blog post with something from me and then link it to the YouTube (video) that will be released that same day.  

    Lost Civilizations

    Johnny Burke: So they have mentioned ancient or lost civilizations. Can you give us a hint of what that lost civilization was, or if there was more than one? 

    Robyn Locke: They don’t give particulars. They give insights into the civilization that they discuss. It’s not like they describe it, but what I know for sure is that I had an embodiment after my initial one where I worked in technology. It was a very advanced time. But apparently, my personality pushed against what was customary at the time. (The personality) tried to introduce something that was before its time or not acceptable. 

    It’s caused my subsequent embodiments to have technology-related issues. I was doing something the other day with a launch, and it was almost like a sack had been placed over my head. I did some work on that this morning because I believe that this was some experience that occurred in that earlier embodiment. So what I believe, for sure, is the value of knowing earlier embodiments is to understand their limitations. Because we may hold (or have those same limitations today) in this lifetime.  

    Johnny Burke: When you say you worked in technology, that seems to be that took place in a period before recorded time here on Earth. Was it that long ago? 

    Robyn Locke: Yes. 

    Johnny Burke: I’m curious. How many thousands of years ago was that?  

    Robyn Locke: They don’t give time. They don’t recognize time. In the Awaken book, they talk about a parallel universe and time travel and all sorts of uniquenesses. And they say time does exist concurrently. So if you can almost imagine that some of this is going on concurrent to this one, but it was at a very different time. So the time factor is something we feel very tangibly here because we’re physical. But when you’re not physical and it’s just energy – it’s different.  

    Johnny Burke: That is a mind-bender. 

    Robyn Locke: It is a mind-bender, isn’t it? 

    Johnny Burke: It is. And I’ve heard several times that there is no time; everything exists at once. I had someone on the show recently, I believe it was Holly Duckworth, and she was talking about an experience where Dolores Cannon, who was her teacher and her mentor, had a discussion across time with Nostradamus. I think that is just incredibly cool. But I’m thinking, okay, so she had a discussion with Nostradamus back in whatever century that was. So you believe time travel is actually possible? 

    Robyn Locke: I don’t focus on a lot of this. I just know what they have told me, and I trust the Elders. So the Elders are from the energy of love and my purpose is “service”. Truth is my life purpose. Because we don’t talk about the life purpose, we talk about the original purpose, which is the bigger, more vast purpose or greater purpose. 

    There is so much more than I think we can individually conceptualize. They said the mind is like a computer and it hasn’t been programmed for spiritual objectives. So I don’t limit any of that with my limited knowledge because I don’t believe we could mentally handle what really is because we’d just be blown out of the water. So most (of the time they) give little kernels that we can kind of get around and digest. I think I know 1% of 1% of 1%, but I don’t know by any stretch all there is. 

    Johnny Burke: So, in other words, trying to really understand the concept of time or no time is probably beyond our comprehension in this current incarnation. Eventually when we cross over, hopefully then we’ll get it. 

    Beliefs are a Big Deal

    Robyn Locke: So what I will say when we pass, we hold the same belief system that we hold now. So if you believe something that’s partially true but not fully true, you’ll be reinforced by everything that you currently believe. Your belief system travels with you to that in-between transitory time — they’ve shared that in The Greater Purpose (book). So if you believe something, that Is kind of right, but not completely right, it will be reinforced (in that space). And then you’ll plan your next life using what they call faulty material, not complete information.  

    Johnny Burke: So there’s no teacher there giving you the correct answers to the test, is what you’re saying? 

    Robyn Locke: No, because what Universe says is you have free will, and so if you wanted to know more, you would have looked for more in this lifetime. It would be a diminishment of your free will election to tell you that what you believe is not so at that point in time. Does that make sense?  

    Johnny Burke: Yep. Even with my earth brain, I think I can understand that. You’ve mentioned the in-between space and agreements. I believe this is from the book: “The remembrance will enable our ability to stop the rounds of incarnation and complete the agreement we set up.” Can you tell us a little bit about that? 

    Robyn Locke: So The Greater Purpose is a three-purpose trilogy book set that is combined into one (book). The second book within the set is called The Original Purpose, and in that, it talks about the transitory time. And it talks about that in-between time and the remembrances and all of those details. 

    The third book (within the purpose trilogy), which is the most recent Enact Your Purpose, talks about how you are not your mind. How you are separate from that. It gives the analogy of you donning a space suit to be and enact this life today. And so all of this melds together to give you a more definitive understanding of what all of this is about.  

    This is where they compare the mind (and all of this) to a computer. They say that oftentimes the computer operator is watching the computer as a computer decides what it wants to do. So we need to become that conscious awareness where we take back the decision-making and recognize that the mind will lead us off-track oftentimes because it’s like the teenager without the curfew. 

    Johnny Burke: Teenager without a curfew. What a lot of us have heard about the in-between space, life between lives and I think Michael Newton in his books talked about this quite a bit. Is this the place where we make soul agreements with the soul family? I’ve been told it’s almost like casting a movie. Do you find the same thing or is it a little bit different? 

    Spiritual Essence: Encapsulation Needed to Become a Soul

    Robyn Locke: It’s very similar to that. When spiritual essence wanted to have this experience, they had to encapsulate it into a soul. So the soul isn’t necessary until encapsulation is needed. (It is the means to encapsulate what didn’t need encapsulation before.) It’s why someone once referred to the Elders as departed souls. The Elders responded that you may not know the energy to which you’re speaking (to) because they are not departed souls. They didn’t mean it in an insulting way, but they meant that you are not understanding the energy with which you were communicating. 

    And so departed souls are often those that want to come back and give a message to loved ones when they didn’t have a complete life. Or they want to share more, or whatever the issue is, but that’s not this. 

    So within the experience and the transitory time, there is the faulty material upon which we’re basing our next incarnation.  

    So imagine today there is a lot of unrest within, let’s say, our population. The people that are fueling that (unrest) feel very empowered, correct, and right in what they’re doing. So imagine that you’re in a space and you believe whatever is believed and now you’re being given reinforcement of that faulty belief system, and you formulate your next life based on those faulty beliefs. You can almost see it in the world today. 

    Karma – May Not Be as You Believe

    Johnny Burke: This is one of the things I could never quite understand. When we talk about karma, we are responsible for our behavior, our acts, (and) what we do here on Earth. If you take a scene, where this group starts making decisions like, in my next incarnation: ”You’re going to be my mom. You’re going to be my dad. You’re going to be the friend that betrays me. You’re going to be the girl that breaks my heart,” … whatever that is. 

    They come down here, right? And some people have decided to play the bad guy. Do you think it’s true that once they go back to that in-between space they’re going to feel what they have made others feel? 

    Robyn Locke: Yes and no. So what I believe is that when you go into that in-between space, sometimes you need a villain because you want to experience that. And they’re helping you experience that thing by taking on that role. 

    What I’ve been told about the review process is that it’s not an in-depth review. It’s snippets. It’s like little components (of the overall occurrence). It gives the individual the overall flavor of the lifetime. Because the intention isn’t to make one feel bad or feel in a lower space. The intention is to review and give an assessment but in the space of love. 

    So the other thing that you mentioned was about the agreement. I believe that the agreement is the thing that brings you into embodiment the first time. I don’t know that the agreement is reinforced in the in-between times because what I believe happens is the original incarnation is where you have the closest stability to enact your original purpose once entering into physical form. As different incarnations occur, there is less and less and less of a remembrance, not only of the original purpose but of the divine lineage from which you came. 

    So there is that forgetfulness that we are in now. You can imagine that many had been incarnating before recorded history; that would mean that there is a great diminishment of understanding, remembering, and of recall. And there haven’t been books that directly go to the steps that need to be done so that an individual can reconnect to why they are here and what they can do to move out of the rounds of incarnation because karma has been misinterpreted by mankind or whoever wrote some of the definitions. 

    The manmade inference is that you have to atone and make right past indiscretions. The Elders have said if you choose to do that, through your free will election, you may be coming here for a very long time, but the true meaning of karma is to make whole. 

    You Don’t Need to Atone as Karma Might Suggest

    Johnny Burke: That’s a very interesting point you just made. So in other words, just so we all understand this, the Elders have basically told you, if we understand karma as atonement, we’re going to be coming back again, again and again. 

    Robyn Locke: If we believe it and accept it if we embrace it, it’s (our) free will (choice to do so). I believe that. I wanted to make right all my wrongs. I wanted to atone for everything that I had done. And they said it’s not like that. This space is meant to be where you make mistakes because the mistakes make you look in a different direction. So don’t try to make right what need not be perfect. You came from perfection. Now you’re in a space of imperfection and the imperfection is needed to show you a different direction, a different path, and to make a different choice. 

    Johnny Burke: Going back to the in-between space and the soul group, the casting, for a lack of a better description is done in such a way that the group learns as a whole. Depending on what role you’re supposed to play, good or bad, the objective is not just for you to learn it’s for the entire group to learn. Does that make sense? 

    Robyn Locke: It does, and I don’t know that I have heard it that way. Everything I’ve heard is more individual and you need different players to come in. It discusses this in the Awaken book where it talks about needing antagonists, needing adversarial components in your storyline. When you recognize that many of the antagonists within your storyline are merely a reflection of the one who doesn’t like them. When you recognize that there are people that you hear about all the time. Those people that they don’t like in politics. Those that really almost rub them in a (deep) visceral way. Like it’s a deep angst that they feel. I always will ask when I hear that, “Well, what is it that you don’t like about them?”  

    Mirror Image

    If you can understand that the thing that people often don’t like is the very thing that they embrace. And no one likes to see someone (else) doing something that they don’t like themselves doing. So it’s a mirror image and once we recognize that a lot of those things that we see as bad are simply reflections of us, and we see the gift in what was given, and we can look at the experience differently, and then we may not feel that way toward that individual anymore. They were simply needed to show us what we couldn’t see within ourselves. 

    Johnny Burke: I do like that, and it reminds me of what a friend of mine told me recently, He said, ”I listened to your podcast on all these different episodes, and I really like how you dive into the in-between space and try to make sense of it. Could it be that if one were to look at his or her surroundings instead of saying, this person’s mean, this guy’s a dick, this girl’s a bitch, or whatever, merely look at them as if they’re playing a role? If you look at them that way, they’re playing a part. That’s what they were directed to do. That’s what they signed up for. That’s what I signed up for. That means I don’t have to judge them – it’s not good or bad — it’s just experience. 

    Robyn Locke: So the Elders have said judgment is self-judgment. So whatever you judge the other person to be, how would you know what that person does, really (know)? How do you know what they think? 

    Johnny Burke: We don’t.

    Robyn Locke: But you know what you think. We know what we know. And so when you judge (one judges), it is the realization that you see that component in yourself. What they recommend – I think it’s in chapter nine of Awaken, that you take your journal, and you list all the characteristics about this individual and you go through a process. So that you can see and then release what was unseen before. It’s all meant to be a journey. It’s all self-discovery. 

    The Energy We Keep

    Anytime something doesn’t happen, it’s not because of them (the antagonists of your play): it’s because of the energy that we individually keep. So when our energy shifts, we broadcast energy differently. That energy goes out and gathers more of its kind before returning back to you. 

    So when you’re at a different energetic state, then you’re going to get a different energy in return. Once you have that realization, these people won’t bother you in the same way that they used to, and they’ll either exit your life. Or you’ll see them and you won’t care in the same way that you did before. Or what they say will flow over and through you and you’ll chuckle at it and think it’s absurd. So that’s where the transformation happens because now you’ve freed yourself from the mental bonds that you had before because what the mind interjects is most of the time factually incorrect. 

    Johnny Burke: Does that have anything to do with what you describe as the mind being separate from us? The mind is not us?

    Robyn Locke: Yes. And they explain that very eloquently. And I don’t know if we have time, but it’s a great explanation I never understood it before fully, but I do now. 

    Johnny Burke: Well, we might have another installment because it seems like we do have a little bit more work to do on this. 

    Robyn, thanks for coming back onto the show. in the meantime, I believe the best way to find out more about you and your books is at

    #100 Robyn Locke: Yes. 

    Closer To Venus Podcast with Robyn Locke

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