Signs are All About You

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    Look for Signs

    Do you take for granted those signs you see throughout the day but don’t attribute them as being significant? Were they there all along and you blocked their entry? Have you stopped to ponder upon them and pause throughout the day? Or did you see these things as being insignificant, too small to consider? Perhaps you do not recognize these things as being worth your while to contemplate upon.

    See Signs

    We tell you that if you spent more time reflecting on the small things that you perceive to be of little or no measure, life choices which result would be oh so different. So do pause this moment (this day) to consider what you might have missed before. Look for signs which are indicators of how you are to take that next step. Do you see that there are signs all about you? And yes, you may see a double meaning here, and that is for a purpose. These things are closer to actualization than you might realize. And yes, they are also attributable to you. 

    Pause, Ponder, Contemplate

    What would it take for you to routinely recognize that it is time to stop and ponder what is being given? Might you see that contemplation throughout the day is a great opportunity to slow down to consider what is before you? Consider and then reconsider your choices. What are you currently not attributing as being significant? Might you consider this thing again?

    These things are those considerations that need your focus. They need to be considered for how else will you incorporate new methodologies into the mix of your daily activities? And so, do see the other small components too as they allow for the larger, more complete picture to develop. When you allow such details to effortlessly enter in, as you contemplate them, then the other things will more easily fall into a space of being. Do you see what is meant here?

    When you stop to ponder and enlist those little steps, they then build upon other bigger ones. This post may help you on your journey. You see, how would these larger components even be possible without the building blocks these little ones enable? You may be slightly out of step, but can you see by taking certain small steps that others will follow?

    Baby Steps

    We marvel at the steadfastness many display as they stick to their intricate routines. Consider now to move beyond these and into a different space. Move into those activities that will allow for an open-ended ability to expand your current awareness and for you to shift into something of greater scope and purpose. So much awaits entrance into your life. Recognize these things are close by and within arm’s reach. Yet, you must at some point, extend your arm. Otherwise, the proximity to this thing will not be where it once was.  

    And so, shift this day. Consider a shift of movement and consciousness where other things can more easily float in and to you. Effortlessness might be your preference now. Might you move in such a manner so that life might be made more whimsical and wonderful in all you perceive and receive? Wonderful in what is given and whimsical in the very nature of how you see each thing. Begin with implementing baby steps today. Marvel at their simplicity. Now might you more clearly see what you did not envision before?

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