Slow Mental Chatter, Seek Mental Clarity

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    Slow Mental Chatter, Seek Mental Clarity

    When the mind takes you down a path that creates doubt, despair, animosity, or some other unwanted feeling, do you recognize this? How can you take back the reins of control to rule to truly enact the best next step? So often, something is perceived to be the next best choice. This next step is fraught with uncertainty. And so you enlist the mind to come up with a plan. How might you get where you need to go? What might you do instead to seek mental clarity?

    We would propose for you to take a step back. Shut down the mental chatter and become centered. Seek from within those next steps. Otherwise, you will have many components and elements giving you direction that are simply not as highly placed as you might prefer. The mind and ego are most crafty and deliberate in seeking to fill in the missing details if you allow them to do so.

    Seek Answers Within

    Seek instead to quiet the mind. Seek inner quiet and internal counsel. Can you do this? Can you deflect from what is being given and observe that line of thinking? Recognize what is before you and then step back to see what more can be given. Might you seek to engage from a different vantage point? Engage enlisting a new perspective and then seek your next move.

    Might you see the beauty and opportunity that elicits your engagement when you recognize that other choices also exist? And what about love? How does love and more specifically Universal Love enter into the equation to provide you with the answers you’ve been seeking?

    Engage Universal Love

    You see, Universal Love is like a cleaning mechanism which can allow for clarity and light to shine through when you are in the midst of a foggy or dense time. Do you see when moving from a posture of Love so much more can enter in because you remove the blocks that might otherwise restrict or impede entry? Blocks created from frustration and the angst felt within the day. And so, move from a different space into an unrestricted place when you seek to energetically align with this Love as it will move you to look at these things and life…differently.

    And isn’t that what you want? Don’t you seek to see things that will bring you to that place you long to be? We talk here about centeredness and alignment with Source, your Source. Source Energy and the all-encompassing potentialities that await you. They seek your alignment to them.

    Be at peace this day and when thoughts enter in that might take you off-course or those that might redirect your day, seek to recognize this. Become aware. The awareness you hold will now more readily move you forward into each day that progresses from this one.

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