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Still the Mind

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    Seek to still the mind

    Do you recognize the value of stilling the mind? Do you also know why it is necessary to understand its value? In the busyness found within the day, seek also a means to disengage. You see, mental chatter distracts. It moves you from what might otherwise be. And so when you recognize this, move to stillness. Move in concert with all that might be when you slow and redirect the mind.

    So often, these mental meanderings will engage to take you off-course. And so, observe, redirect, and still the mind to maintain present moment awareness.

    When you do not monitor what floats into the mind and allow each thing that presents itself to remain engaged there, do you realize that you move from your current vibration and trajectory into another? In this way, you also shift your direction and focus. You might have a beautiful day unfolding, yet the mind may see things differently. When the mind enters in to take these objectives off-course, what results then? Does another reality enter in to move and shift you away from what might otherwise be? 

    Know, too, each objective begins from a single thought. Everything moves beyond and adjusts to such thoughts as you engage and put them into play. But when you catch thoughts that would move you from a more aligned or uplifted way of thinking and direct you toward another course of action, stop and redirect them.

     Monitor Your Thinking Mind

    The first step is to monitor the thoughts you are thinking. What are these thoughts and more importantly, how do they make you feel? Do you feel good when you are engaged with them? If not, move to employ another line of thinking. Look around you. Might you engage to ponder upon something beautiful nearby? Many things are fleetingly held. In other words, if you do not redirect your focus, will you miss this thing of beauty as you move past it and lose the opportunity to engage with it.  You see, it is (and these things continue to be) a choice. 


    Recognize choices are all about you. See them and move from one to the next to engage with the feeling component they elicit. Feel your way through this life and you will know when you are moving in an aligned way. Move in step toward what is preferred. 

    When all of life seeks your happiness, engage with those things that move you toward a better day. Why not enlist those things that are in keeping with that objective?  Do you see? Then, you move in a more purposeful way. One that will lead you to a better outcome. 

    Still the Mind

    And when the mind races from here to there, seek to still it. Just seconds will produce the result you seek. Clear the mind, if only briefly, to allow for a pause to occur. In this way, you allow the body to breathe and to enlist a reset from what was there before.

    Remain consciously aware of all in play. Know what is floating through your mind’s eye and in maintaining that awareness, you will be able to orchestrate a better day. Do so and it will be so.

    And so it is.

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