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Structure or Spontaneity

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    Structure vs Spontaneity

    Enter into the space of allowing. In this way, you allow more to Be. Would you agree with the statement then that “Through God all things are possible?” As we have said, life, when too structured, is not a life of living but a rote and routine, almost a mechanical sort of occurrence. It is in the not-knowing of life — the spontaneity of life that allows for possibility and endless potential to be. So we say this day to lessen structure within your day. Allow new experiences and opportunities to enter spontaneously.

    Spontaneous or Structured

    If each moment is carved out, how must life wait in order to fit in? And know that all exists through God, Universe, or however you define the Greater Power which is a Part of everything.

    If Your Life Were a Movie or Play

    Do you recall seeing a movie where everything was so very predictable? Did it even seem boring? If your life were a movie, would it have the twists and turns an exciting movie might enact? Would the audience be cheering you on or walking out early before its conclusion?

    Each Choice Is Important

    You make new choices within every minute of every day. This is true for eating choices, how you spend your leisure time, and what you focus on in between. Do your storylines have predictability or are there spontaneous occurrences that allow for a different storyline to unfold?

    Take a risk today to do and dare. Then, wait for things to unfold within your life as this spontaneity allows for new outcomes to appear and be realized.

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