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Subconscious Issues, Your Internal Computer System

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    subconscious issues

    How does the subconscious work? More specifically, how does yours operate? And what does it mean to have these things stored within? How did certain components get there, and are some additions (to this repository of integral knowledge) of greater value than others?

    You see, the subconscious gathers up all of your daily dealings from this life and stores the details of their components. So much is automatically recorded and accessible there … it’s like your own internal database. Always storing and compartmentalizing what has happened, why it happened, and the value it imparted. Everything has been securely stored for your future use. You automatically access this convenient internal computer-like system, which contains a vast (yet very personalized) data bank of knowledge.

    What is more difficult to discern is whether the things you draw upon (to make your decisions) have been interpreted accurately. When you were a child, did you construe things as they were intended or did you allow the small child of you to create paradigms that didn’t really exist?

    More or Less Accurate

    Can you recall believing something was a certain way and later finding out it was not as you believed it to be? Were you surprised when you discovered a long-held understanding wasn’t as you thought? So, certain details within your reality may not be as you once conjectured. You see, you’ve based some beliefs using tainted interpretations. These opinions were formulated using a limited (rather than an all-knowing) awareness. To say it another way, some beliefs you hold were based on limited understandings and they’ve influenced how you’ve formulated your perspectives. These impacted decisions made since their formation.

    The Beginning of Your Beliefs

    Within the subconscious, there exist seeds of events that create your future reality. There have been perspectives employed that were more accurately and less accurately held. Might it be worth revisiting those which were assimilated through a more limited lens? Those gathered and created from situations that occurred in your youth? You see, you have grown since being that small child. What you believed earlier, may not have held the truth you conjectured. Then or now.

    Originally, there were safeguards established so only good things would be stored and run in the background of your being. Yet assumptions were made as a child and beliefs were adopted from a lesser perspective. These gave way to inaccurate ideas. Those ideas formulated to become a part of what has been stored within. 

    Revisit Your Beliefs

    Might you revisit those beliefs established (which were made earlier in your youth) to see what is brewing beneath the surface? Over time, lesser or invalid beliefs became transformed into something greater. They grew in stature when their value became more relied upon. Some of these direct you toward things you desire while others move you away from what was not preferred. Do you see in using a limited lens of understanding that clarity and validity were sometimes missing? Those original thoughts are the archetypes of basic premises utilized now. What you have based many decisions upon. Your beliefs, in essence, are running many components of your life. 

    Now That You’re Wiser

    Some things ascertained were more accurately assessed. Yet others were understood not as you would perhaps formulate them now, having gained maturity and a greater understanding of life in general. So you have a mixed bag here.

    The historical components of your reasoning continue to be influencers in your life. Things such as why you have chosen to move in one direction rather than another, and other perceptions that have created your current reality. It is perhaps a more foundational understanding of how things operate in your world and thus how you choose to enact your life for these early gatherings are the building blocks of your existence, kept here to routinely utilize. Might you release beliefs?

    Engage and Meditate

    Sit with any perceived issue during meditative times. Reflect on what you may question, now that you have wiser eyes from which to view past experiences.

    Use meditation as the vital component it is. It can serve as a bridge to get you from one point to another; to access another part of you that has greater awareness. Allow what comes up to be realized and accessed. Meditation connects you in a way that can be readily engaged and uniquely customized for your use. Do not give up when you first try to work in this way if you have not done so before.

    Clear your mind and just Be, if only for a brief time. Start with five seconds and grow your practice (of mental stillness) to ten seconds. Over time, grow this practice to a few minutes. You need not do so for hours, yet find the amount of time that works best for you. Do as you need, as you feel directed.

    Subconscious Triggers

    When the subconscious becomes triggered by a strongly held thought, it may move you toward your objective or seemingly block you from taking the next step. These can be seen as propelling or redirecting your steps on the positive side and self-sabotaging or limiting your efforts on the flip side. Yet, these concepts may not be as you perceive them to be now. To be continued…

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