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Surrender Limited Perspectives

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    Surrender self-limiting perspectives

    All is conditional upon one’s ability to surrender. Did you know that without surrendering one’s position or state (of mind) that moving forward on the path is a near impossibility? Well, it’s certainly much more difficult when you try to achieve anything without considering the wonderment Universe might offer you. Why would this be so?

    Consider that you are setting goals and objectives while striving to achieve them. Do you believe a promotion in your job or some other objective to be the next great accomplishment that will get you to where you want to be?

    Oftentimes, you strive towards what you believe to be the next best step. Yet, when you attain that objective was the joy short-lived? Did it satisfy or complete you and give you what you wanted to feel from having achieved it? If it didn’t, did you wonder why you didn’t feel as you thought you would? Did the feeling last for only a brief time before you were left with an empty feeling or did you never really feel fully satisfied?

    Where did you turn next? Or where might you now turn?

    Connect Within

    Might you move inward and try to find answers there? Have you heard a suggestion to search within as so much resides and awaits your connection? If you have connected within, did you find a calm and comforting peace there? Move within to discover an uncluttered existence that is free from self-doubt and nagging thoughts. Can and do seek to connect and feel what it is to Be in the space in which you are. By this, we mean to say to connect with how it feels to live in the space of now. Reside within the present moment. Engage with the present moment and in that space recognize that you can do and accomplish each thing you desire.

    Engage Love

    Connect to engage through Universal Love and the comfort this energy evokes. Love is the missing ingredient in so many choices. Engage through the heart center rather than the mind. Align all aspects from the various physical and non-physical dimensions in which you co-exist.

    Move and accomplish those things that bring joy to your heart as love flourishes with each endeavor you undertake. Here you will have found the dynamics that we discuss. Move-in symmetry with your purpose. Know that Universe offers each the fullest, most expansive experience in the recognition of this moment. Your perspective matters for it colors your world. Consider how you might shift what does not align with pure consciousness. So much more is possible when it is allowed from a state of pure potentiality as you connect with what you want from this life.

    Can You See Each Thing As Beneficial

    If you think you know the best path to take, but do not align fully with the dynamics at play, can you take a step back to consider how you might look at the situation from a different vantage? If your viewpoint were to change ever so slightly, would you see things a bit differently and appreciate even that which doesn’t look beneficial? Take another look now to see the benefits of each thing. Give gratitude. Reassess the situation. You may be surprised at what you can now so clearly see.


    Surrender what you cannot know as you invite Universe into the equation of this life. Increase, grow, and allow all you desire to come into being. Surrender to a greater knowing. In that knowing, recognize you cannot know all that is known from the vastness of Universal knowing. Its expansive vantage encompasses aspects that are beyond your mental awareness. And in this way, you allow so much more to be introduced into what might now be. Isn’t this the perspective you seek?

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