Synergy Exists in All Things

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    Synergy exists in all things. Synergistic qualities are there and they are comprised as the coming together of two, but also you must realize that each synergistic component might operate independently.

    All things do have components that allow them to unite as they come together. It is in the dominance of the two that their union is formed. Two cells such as an egg and sperm are excellent examples for when they come together, there is a merging. In that merging, there is a formation based on one taking a more dominant role than the other.

    The union does cause certain characteristics to become the primary features or aspects of the one who does grow out of that union. And so it starts here at the very start of a new life. In the progression, each is out-pictured from the synergistic energy that does flow emanating from the original aspect.

    Synergy Begins in the Beginning

    And so when it is said that synergistic qualities exist in all things, it truly begins at the beginning of all life. In life, as each individual comes to a crossroads (resulting from previous decisions), that too is synergistic. As each decision encompasses two (or more) options.

    In selecting one, the more dominant choice, it is a melding of the two within your mind to select the one with the stronger pull. It is reasoned to be the best choice (for you) as you surely would not select the option that doesn’t feel right. Rather, you would choose the one that does resonate as the more dominant or significant one.

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