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When Baited by Text or Email, Try This Technique

When Baited, Try This TechniqueDo you ever find someone who intentionally wants to agitate you? Are they trying to bait your response to an email or text message? Do they want to engage you in a war of words or provoke you into a verbal fight? You knew this to be their intent from the energy that seemed to pour off the text of their words and you are tired of engaging with them in this manner. Perhaps someone you work with has been plotting behind the scenes to get you out of the way and off of the payroll by eliciting a comment you would normally not make. Or maybe a family member continues to engage you in a negative way to bait your reply. What can you do? 

When you perceive something that was done to evoke a reactionary response before you do anything, pause. Take a deep breath and step back to re-read their words. As you read them again, engage back from a higher or different level of understanding. The purpose here is to shift the original feeling you might normally convey in response to the note, email, or text. It, perhaps, wasn’t written from a higher or more loving perspective, but that doesn't mean you cannot respond from another vibrational vantage.

Reply in a More Neutral Way

How does this work so you can reply in a more neutral way? Or more specifically, how can you take what they said and answer them in such a way that you neutralize their divisiveness? Anytime you receive something intended to incite a negative, reactionary response from you, try the following technique.

Read a line and let it sit. Then, read the next line and pause. Then the next, pausing as you go. What you want to do is find the vibration it was written from and step it up a notch or two in your response.

Diffuse the Situation

In responding in a lighter way, you will evoke a love and compassion for the writer. In so doing, your written response will not be seen or felt as reactionary. Rather, your words will come from a different vibrational level and be felt emanating from a higher frequency. Higher may not be the correct word here but from a different frequency. One that will make you and them feel better when they read your words.

By responding in this way, you will diffuse the situation by allowing them to release the need to retaliate. Do you see this? Also, envision this as the intention you seek to accomplish.

When you begin to write your response, do not immediately send it off. Write a draft. Sit on it. Then rewrite it and do so again if needed. If you have written it a number of times and your response is still not as it might be, stop. Call to your higher presence, your guardian angels, or to those unseen beings who protect you each day. Ask for their words to enter into your writings. Can you do this?

Ask for Other Words 

From a place of meditation and through love, you can ask for other wording to be offered through you and then wait. Begin writing again when you have cleared your mind to allow softer words to enter in. Play uplifting music as you allow the words to be revised and feel the love you hope to bring to your written page. When you write with this intention, the vibration you held, will shift into a different one.

Now when you read your response again, can you feel the words connect in a more light-hearted, yet sincere way? Then when you send your reply, the words will not seem, nor will they be, adversarial in nature. They will be more factual, playful, and will engage the reader differently than before. You will be seen as articulate, accurate and seeking to solve the problem, rather than being the problem from their limited perspective. Try this out and see how it can work for you.

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