The Greater Purpose Audiobook

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    The Greater Purpose

    Do you wonder about your purpose and how our purpose books might assist you? Now The Greater Purpose, which is a three-book compilation, is an audiobook. The featured excerpt here talks about planting seeds to grow your future. Do you plant seeds for future growth? Have you wondered about the value of doing so?

    The Greater Purpose will give you a greater understanding of your purpose. It will give you the means to determine how to advance your individual reason for being.

    We discuss the original purpose rather than a life purpose. Do you know the difference? 

    You see, the life purpose doesn’t give you the full expanse of what was once sought. The life purpose has been compared to being a spoke on the wheel. The wheel is your original purpose because this thing is the bigger vaster objective. It’s the energy equivalent that your Soul once wanted and still wants to fully understand.

    Your Soul wanted to know this understanding so deeply that you are now here. You will remain here until you get about enacting it. You are here to live out the opportunity to create the purpose on this physical platform. You are meant to enact it here on Earth. 

    The Greater Purpose

    The Little Book to Find Your Purpose, Book 1

    The Greater Purpose began with the concise and all-inclusive, The Little Book to Find Your Purpose. It is Book 1 of the Purpose Trilogy. I thought it was all about one’s life purpose when it was originally given. But this little book never specifically referenced “life purpose” within its pages.

    Do you feel fulfilled, or do you know something more is awaiting your discovery? Perhaps now is the time to:

    • Create your unique quality, gift, or truly anything you desire
    • Become the gatekeeper of your thoughts so more might be accomplished
    • Seek for the unknown to become known
    • Create all you desire to accomplish

    The next two books were given in later years to complete this Purpose Trilogy.

    The Original Purpose, Book 2

    The Original Purpose: Answer the Age-Old Question — Why Am I Here? (Book 2 of The Purpose Trilogy)
    Why is understanding your purpose so important?

    Perhaps you’ve gone in search of more, but you haven’t discovered your purpose. Maybe you are already engaging in a purpose-driven life, but what about this original one? If you’ve found your mission in this life, do you feel fulfillment and joy? Might you find your answers when you locate what’s missing?
    Discover why you are here.

    • Embrace your life and gain self-awareness in becoming self-fulfilled
    • Discover your strengths and the right questions to ask inwardly
    • Embrace change while enlisting it as your most valued friend
    • Connect to what you are to enact in this life
    • Take steps to recognize, discover, and enact your purpose

    Engage with the human quest for meaning, recognizing what you did not consciously see before. Then, look again. Enlist unseen insights to garner a renewed perspective. Step into greater awareness and happiness, and move away from mental constructs and their knowingness. Allow new insights to guide you back on course. Find The Greater Purpose. It comprises all three books within The Purpose Trilogy.

    Your soul seeks an energetic understanding. Know that you are to enact and move this understanding into being. It’s why you are here.

    Enact Your Purpose, Book 3

    Enact Your Purpose – Book 3 of The Purpose Book Trilogy

    Ready to reconnect with Universal Love? Discover a powerful transformation through compelling spiritual guidance.

    Searching for your real purpose? Tired of the tyranny of thought? Intrigued by what could lie outside the physicality of what you can see and tangibly touch? After a near-death experience, gifted speaker, transformation facilitator, and energy intuitive Robyn G. Locke is dedicated to spreading the wisdoms of the Elders. They can be described as Pure Consciousness and Infinite Awareness. Now she’s introducing the third book of their purpose trilogy to lead you to your own remembering … and the true reason you are here on Earth. Complete your own journey in this way.

    Enact Your Purpose was inspirationally given to assist seekers to become more consciously aware and connected to what has been lost in time. With many resourceful understandings given, you’ll learn how to redirect mental distractions and unearth the deeper meaning of emotions. Locke bridges the physical with the non-physical world in this intriguing study. The loving teachings she relates will gently guide you to pursue the profound change you’ve been seeking.

    In Enact Your Purpose, you’ll discover:

    • The steps to see past the endless mental banter as you understand why you are not your thoughts
    • Energetic keys or verses are shared to elevate your frequency and help you to unlock the underlying premise of your purpose
    • How to recognize the platitudes designed to distract, so you can see the deeper truth of your existence
    • The incredible significance of your original purpose, the means to discover it in this lifetime  — and end the rounds of incarnation
    • The best way to enact change as you implement some simple steps that will transform your existence, change how you see this life, and much, much more!

    Enact Your Purpose is a soul-enriching resource to help you on your road to becoming fulfilled. If you like thought-provoking guidance and mind-expanding knowledge while engaging simple solutions to long-held issues, then look no further. This is the means for transformative change. Robyn G. Locke and the Elders will timelessly shift-change how you see things as you move into a new knowingness as you become more consciously aware. 

    The Greater Purpose – The Purpose Book Trilogy

    The Greater Purpose is truly the definitive guide to bring about what you (your Soul) set out to understand once upon a time.

    Isn’t it amazing to consider how this objective was so strongly wanted that your Soul entered into an agreement so that steps could be taken and you could be the feet on the ground, so to speak, in this Earth adventure? Plant seeds today for the means of future growth. Planting seeds will allow the weeks and months ahead to yield more productive fruit. Grow what you cannot see and strengthen what is yours to aspire toward and align with.

    Life is a bit magical that way. Your purpose is more than you might believe today and much more important than you may recognize right now. 

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