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Do you wonder why you are here? Have you thought about this age-old question or ever mused upon its lofty premise? Have you perhaps discovered your purpose, only to find out now that there is an original one? And why would you want to connect to this original purpose over the current one in play today? You see, there is the original purpose you set out to know when you embarked into that initial incarnation into form. And it has significance in that it is the reason that you came to embody on this planet. It established the means to more fully understand this energetic thing you did not fully understand before incarnating here.

We will say that this original mission is the all-encompassing objective that you sought to more fully know. We will also say that other subsequent incarnations could not align you with what you wanted to understand in the way this one did. You see, each one was a minimization of the other. The original incarnation was the closest one to connect you to that originating premise you initially devised. This was the premise or objective you sought to understand … energetically. And the initial incarnation was when you existed in the closest proximity to what you sought to align with and know.

There is a forgetfulness aspect that does keep much of this from being more readily accessed today. Yet by slowing the mind, more can be given. You might begin by setting the intention for the bubbling up of what is currently unknown to rise to the surface and to become known in this time.

Your Original Purpose

And so we will say that within each lifetime, there is a purpose established which was specific to it. And this purpose is a component of the greater, more vast one. Might you seek to connect with this more broad-based objective, which we terThe Original Purpose? This is the means to disengage and untether from the rounds of incarnation currently in play.

Contemplate or Meditate

We have given insights into various considerations, including the transitory, in-between, and behind-the-scenes times. We know there is much to consider and contemplate upon within life. It is when you also linger upon any proposed premise that more can be given. This will enable you to more distinctly know whether you have aligned and engaged from the heart space or, instead, in a more mental way.

Enlist this step when you seek to understand and know something more deeply. Do this today, and you may find that your tomorrows out-picture themselves differently and in a more preferred way. One that aligns you more directly with all that you now strive to discover.

We welcome your interest in this most important understanding. We seek for you to connect and align as never before. The Original Purpose is now available and awaits your discovery … when you are ready for more.

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