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The Amazing Power in the Law of Attraction

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    Consider Your Energy

    Have you ever wondered why you attract different people into your life? Have you wondered about some that seem so very different from you, how they might impact your life path, and why they have entered the scene in the first place? Have you considered the power and impactful significance found in the law of attraction? Now recognize how each who contributes to the play of your life is drawn to you in this way. Might you consider, too, the energy you keep?

    Recognize that your life is significant as you have important objectives to be achieved. These objectives come from earlier times, and perhaps, established prior to incarnating here. It was this original objective that brought you into this Earth platform. You see, it is here where you can feel your experiences and all you have created. This is here where you can understand in a more personal and deeply-felt way. Why something is or is not as it is. Understand why this thing feels as it does and how to know all that is comprised within each deeply-held component. You see, this is why you are here.

    And so, to choose which emotional engagement to feel or not makes no sense for they are all of value. These things are why you chose to incarnate into this platform of awareness. It is here on Earth where you can feel so easily and fully all that you have manifested.

    Inner Fulfillment

    Today so much is focused on the acquiring of things. But do things ever bring you to that state of fulfillment? Instead, do you see how this desired thing leads to yet another? For they are each a poor substitute to satisfy the fulfillment craved within. The fulfillment only you can achieve when you tap into your purpose. It is why you are here.

    It is for that purpose and reason that you are living today. You have incarnated into this Earth platform to experience and feel all that you have created. The innate value gleaned will more readily be recognized when you leave this life. You see, you will have gained a greater depth and degree of understanding of how this or that felt, and how your actions or reactions worked in concert with the other.

    And these deeper understandings lead you to an enlightened sort of knowing. They move you in a way of inner discovery. For you do not need this or that physical thing but simply to know more deeply within what is truly sought. That is what will move you into a greater expanse of inner realization, do you see?

    And so this day, delve into what is wanted but consider the ordering. Consider the ordering before you acquire more clutter and become mired with too many things. Consider your ordering and what value you place upon knowing more fully what you believe is needed to satisfy. Often, the physical things fixated upon by the mind only lead to another wanting of the next preferred thing. It is because they do not actually satisfy or fulfill you at the level sought.

    Think upon this as if taking a long drink of water to quench your thirst. It is this sort of inner satisfaction desired. It’s quenching the thirst your soul desires to know in its quest for more. This will bring you into the awareness of why you are here, away from your true home. This is where you seek to ultimately return. it is when you garner a greater knowingness of understanding that more can move into play in a significant way. Do you see?

    Shift Your Energy

    And so, you might understand that shifting your energy will require a degree of self-realization. For now, you are looking within to recognize the correlation between the one or other that has entered your life drama or the play we refer to as life. They have arrived and are drawn to you because of the energy you keep. If you do not like what you have drawn in, then set the intention to change the energy that is in play and underway.

    You can easily do this by looking within for the correlation between the one drawn into your drama. Write down all these things you so readily see in them but cannot now see within yourself. Consider even those things which you perceive to be true without actual confirmation of such — that which you so readily see in them. They act as a mirror so that you might recognize more. Now might you consider these to be those things which exist within yourself?

    The Energetic Power in the Law of Attraction

    In time, recognize that these negatively perceived components exist only in your own perception. They however do not exist as you may currently believe. Belief is a powerful thing. Now consider that you and they are drawn together because of an energetic tie. And once you discover what this energy attractor is and what this individual arrived to show you, then from this new awareness you can release this energetic connection as you expose what lies nestled within your own being. Do you see, it is as simple as that?

    Move this day to connect the dots of understanding so that you can release, shift, and change all that is not desired and in play this day.

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