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    Do you trust yourself to make the best decisions? Do you trust others? How do you know who to trust? Do you rely too much on what others say? Do you seek their input above your own insights or before you connect within?

    It’s fine to seek another’s counsel and to elicit their recommendations, but do not rely heavily on what they have said when it doesn’t feel right to you. Is it time to make a move to consider more?

    Connect internally first. Were insights offered through Love? Always seek inner counsel as your primary source and best resource. Connect within first before you move forward with any objective. Open your heart and move through Love.

    Trust by Feeling Your Way

    We caution your reliance on any individual other than yourself. Trust how you feel. Believe and trust your feelings. When you feel a tingle or have a shiver, don’t you know that something deep inside you resonates with what you just saw or read? Begin to recognize these things as signs. Now expressly seek to connect within. Recognize, acknowledge, accept, and receive. Feel your way through this life.

    Do you understand the meaning here? So often there’s a preference to do some research. You might first talk with friends, discuss work objectives with business associates, and all of this is fine to do. Seek out another’s thoughts and other ways to look at any consideration. Ask your mentors, parents, colleagues, and friends to provide you with input, but ultimately seek inner counsel.

    Seek Internal Counsel

    Then, when it is time for you to make a decision, do what feels best. Sit in meditation or contemplation. Always ask for internal guidance and trust what resonates with you. What does your gut say? What feels right? If it doesn’t feel loving, just, kind, or just plain good, then seek another direction. You are an adult and it is time to take the reins of control back for your life.

    So often, internal counsel is minimized or not even considered. Don’t give away and allow someone else to have the ultimate authority over your decisions. Are you in control of your next steps or is someone else? Regain control. Take back the reins of control you’ve willingly relinquished to another. This is your life and each decision should be authored by you.

    Awareness and Discernment

    Begin to activate your own awareness and the ability to discern what is best for you. How can you entrust something most sacred to another who has not encountered all you’ve experienced? Yes, it is good to enlist others and to ask them for input, but ultimately you must choose the direction in which to proceed. Why relegate and relinquish the decisions that are surely yours to make?

    Too often, another person has been given the ability to pull your strings and orchestrate your decisions. Whether it is a parent, peer, or friend, they cannot know all that you know from your perspective for they have not walked in your shoes 24/7. They have a limited understanding from what you have told them, but they cannot have the complete picture. Know, too, that those interpreting certain aspects do so through their lens of perception. Even if their insights might be the best next step, is it time for you to make the move they are suggesting? It must feel right for you to proceed in the recommended manner or it is not yet the time to make that move. Do you see this?

    Connect Within – Ask

    Is it time to seek inner guidance and to move within after having sought some outer advice first? When you move within, sit with the intention to know more. Then ask. Ask as you seek inner counsel and guidance from that part of you that is most discerning. Seek to know and understand as you surrender into this work. Do so over time always beginning from the heart space. Seek to know what next best steps you might take as you enlist guidance from that meek small voice found within. And then listen. Perhaps ask again for confirmation but know that all is aligning to provide you with those more definitive steps sought.

    Time to Take Control

    You will know from the feeling within if it is right or correct for you to move forward in any manner. Connect to that part of you that is all-knowing and emanates from pure love. Ask your spiritual guides and those beings who support you to give you signs and offer ideas to consider as well. Do all through love. Love offers the discernment needed and so when you connect through Love, you will know if any step is the preferred one. Engage through Love. This is key.

    Engage with life as you resume sitting at the control panel. You are the orchestrator in this life experience and so to relinquish any means of control to another means you may take another detour before you get to the next leg of your journey. Always take what is given and then contemplate what has been offered. Internal counsel will always steer you in the direction you seek when you clear your mind to allow what flows in to be directed through a Loving Source. Watch for ego, mental ramblings, and if certain thoughts engage with you adversely. If so, center yourself and start again. Use discernment.

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