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    Do you ever feel uncertain about your future? Do uncertainties exist with other people or things? Do they play a part here? What role might each play? Might these things influence your daily dealings as well as your feelings? How will all progress in the best manner especially when you seem to be out-of-step with the outcome sought?

    You see, who is to say what is best for your future? Why is it so important for certain components to be in it? Could alternate outcomes yield an even greater result? Recognize the many ingredients which are in play. Who is to say what might be the best methodologies to enlist? Do you prefer less drama or does a more colorful, lively mix (with ever-changing components) intrigue you even more?

    You see, there are no limitations as to what might be manifested in your future. Many differing realities exist and are available to you. Each will produce a different cast of characters who will certainly offer the necessary variety within the day. And so, move with the certainty that all will be in sequence and cued into play from all you think, do, and say.

    Uncertainties Exist for a Reason

    Uncertainties exist for a means of recognition. Do see that the mind creates those uncertainties and those things that you might question? When you engage from the heart space, be sure to look again at what gave you mental pause. Look without the mind by looking within and tuning in to get inner direction. Receive intuitive direction rather than enlisting mental objectives and bringing more in from that line of thinking.

    Also, consider enlisting the help and support from your unseen entourage of Light and Love. Put more into play and work with those who work behind the scenes to assist you.

    Mirror Image

    In this circumstance, you may see only certain components while missing other equally important ones. Do recognize that each thing is given in reflection to even that which you may prefer not to see. And too, are certain things sought which would diminish another? Instead, might you recognize those things which excite and engage your emotions; those which are to be used as important indicators? Otherwise, you might miss the insights provided and the guidance they offer. Once identified, pause to see if there is something you might glean from them. When emotions are engaged, use each as a clue. These clues are given to allow you to know the underlying energetic component that exists there.

    Can you see certain flawed characteristics more easily in another person? Can you identify similar characteristics in that one more easily than acknowledging that same flaw within yourself? Do any of these shared qualities come into view as you look upon the stage of life and at these ones? Those individuals engaged in the very same deeds or misdeeds as you have engaged in before. Or consider the overarching premise which exists in the misdeeds enacted by another. Do you see the bigger issue they suggest?

    Can you more easily see certain flaws in them while missing those same qualities within yourself? In other words, do their apparent misdeeds easily stand out while your own shortcomings remain intact, unseen, and hidden? These are discoverable when you find an emotional connection to them. In this way, each characteristic can be more readily recognized. Many players within life act as a mirror. They offer to show you what you could not see (before) without their contribution. Know that when such individuals act as irritants, they are there and appear (oftentimes) as a means of reflection. Stop and ponder upon this so you do not miss what may be time for you to see.

    Become aware of those characteristics which incite or inordinately stir you in your recognition of what is so deeply disliked. These traits may not be readily apparent. So stop, in your haste and distaste. Focus upon this consideration when you are in a quiet place and in a space of contemplation. Might you now see what is underfoot?

    Begin Anew

    So, if things in life don’t turn out as you might prefer, what then? Stop, refocus, and begin anew. Is your preference to exist without adversarial characters coming into view? What is the preference you hold for your life story: serenity or intrigue? All things are before you now so you might see what you could not readily see before their contribution. See each unwanted occurrence or each contributor as a gift.

    In times of uncertainty, what then? You see, everything begins and ends with you. How you attribute this thing and how it makes you feel. If it does not feel good, then seek to focus on that which feels better. Seek to begin and end each day in gratitude. Surely this will be a better start and finish to all you might express, do, or be within a day. But always move from the certainty that you are Loved. Your life is meant to be a life centered around the Love which is unceasingly given. Recognize, feel, receive, and internalize this.

    Know too, that all of life seeks to embrace you in steps taken. Take those steps then, that are measured and of purpose. Go in love and be Love. Inspire those around you as everything begins and ends in the promise of a new day even when uncertainties exist.

    And so it is.

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