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What about Death, What Value Does It Hold

death transitionDeath is a necessary part of the earth's process. Without transition, well, there would be many in embodiment here. New experiences sought might be difficult to bring forward in a one-life scenario. So there must be ways to do so. Illness, disease and death currently allow for this transition to occur. Perhaps in time, other methods could be employed to move a Soul onto other things.

And too, even though some objective could have been discoverable outside of illness, what is discovered during the experience of illness? Can you reflect on someone who became more aware of their family and possibly more loving during some such adversity? What about you? New pathways await the new opportunities they afford. Can you find value even in this?

When a crime is committed, there is the biblical — an eye of an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Know that all choices reap a consequence as future occurrences unfold from choices made. And karma … know when the balancing of all things karma elicits is accepted, then these components are taken on. That need not be, but for those who seek to atone for the choices made in earlier lifetimes, they can be adopted too. As we have said before this is a man-made understanding and each life experience is not intended to be balanced. Nor are you meant to be bound to them.

Choices Move You Into Other Experiences

Know more importantly, that choices do propel you into another trajectory of experiences. So if the choices you have made operate from a lower vibratory pattern, then you are moved into that energetic arena. You then move into a different series of choices until you elect and move (through your free will) into those that set you on a different path. Do you see? Each moves you in accordance with your right thinking, or not. And from those constraints, you move into the dynamics which you have set forth by your decisions, your elections, your choices.

It is such a vast understanding but the reality is that all occurs as it should. There is no misstep. Justice is man’s definition of such. So when these understandings are given, they are given using an interpretation of justice that is now in place as defined by man.

Structure or Spontaneity
Choose Expansiveness Over Struggle

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