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What Do You Purposely Seek to Know … Ask Us

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    What Do You Purposely Seek to Know ... Ask Us

    As you traverse this life, you must continually want more in order for more to appear. Do you see that if you are complacent with the way life is progressing, then how can more be placed into cue if you are not looking for that newness of life to be found, discovered, and revealed? Is it now time to ask for more?

    And what we seek to impart is simply that there is so much more available to you when your focused attention desires more to be known. In this way, more can come into existence and move into manifestation. It is the newness of the intent that germinates and moves much into your present-day reality. Do you see how it is through your desire to know more, that more can be? For if you do not look for more and are not seeking such, then what point is there for more to be given?

    And so this day, there was such a request for this newness of intent to become known. It was from the spontaneity of desire that more is now able to spring forth and exist within the newness of this day. Do you see what we seek to suggest? It is that you must ask, and then ask again, and perhaps even ask a third time for that discovery to be exposed so that you can see what more awaits underfoot and within reach. It is from that space of wanting more to be that more can spring into the awareness in which you find yourself.

    And so we do not mean to hold back from providing what is sought this day but we want you to realize the significance of what we suggest. And it is this. Life exists as you desire it to be. And if you seek nothing more from the day, this day, that day, or another, then how can more be made manifest in this physical domain?

    There must be that longing and desire for more to spring forth and into being. And so we ask now, that you remain focused on a single desire, that you recognize that you are a magnificent manifester and that you have the ability to move this thing into this domain sooner than you might realize. If it is for something to be made known that is not now known, stay alert and consciously aware. You see, all things are available to you. It is that you must ask and await what you are now receptive to receive. Know this to be true.

    We suggest, and then strongly suggest again, that you focus there as opposed to anywhere else. Recognize that many things you want to know, in a singular way of desire, can become more readily realized when you employ this sort of thinking. It is through your focused intention and keen attention that more can bubble up to the surface. This thing can rise up from where it had been relegated to reside and be a part of your understanding once again. In this way, it can be expressed and moved into being actuated. 

    This is how you might more readily know your purpose, your true purpose-driven objective, and that which may have alluded you until now. When you place your focused attention upon anything you allow more to be. Do you see?

    And so this day, what might we share in a more magnificent way? What might be discussed that was not understood in earlier times? What have you longed to know? What have you wondered about and want to know now that there is this portal of discovery available to you? Might you ask? And will you ask?

    First, might you seek a response inwardly? Allow for the opening and those answers to be felt by you as you seek for there to be a means of allowing for what is soon to bubble up to the surface and become known by you. 

    Might You Ask?

    If you have tried this before, might you try again? And then, if it does not manifest for you as you might prefer, might you seek some answers here? Might you reach out to us and ask for more to be given? And specifically, what more might you now know? What might it be? And then, let us provide you with the intrinsic answers you desire to be made known. And then see what results.

    Isn’t it time to know more?

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