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Surrender – What Does it Mean to Surrender

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    Surrender to Experience More

    Have you ever embarked on a road trip but didn’t know where you were headed? Maybe you had a basic idea, but on this trip, you wanted to discover and choose the path to travel by receiving direction from outside of mental promptings. I want to share a part of my magical mystery tour — the continuing adventure found during my road trip to Sedona, Reno, and beyond. This is my story of surrender. What does surrender mean to you, and what does it mean to surrender?

    En Route to Sedona

    The story I’m about to share took place while en route to Sedona. You see, the Elders asked me to tune in and get insights during my drive. That’s the real reason I took this road trip rather than flying to my events. This adventure led me to connect with people in ways the mind cannot comprehend or anticipate. I also recognized that Santa Fe held a mystery all its own. Might you consider surrendering into your own journey of self-discovery?

    During this time, I followed clues from conversations recently held. This ultimately resulted in my driving north from Santa Fe to Taos, NM, after it was recommended that I go there. 

    Once there, it was also suggested that I might find individuals in search of what I had found. I was given locations to see, people and galleries to visit, and several destinations to ponder and reflect upon. One particular destination stood out. It was the Rio Grande Gorge

    Rio Grande Surrender

    I still consider myself a Texan and have visited the Rio Grande River many times as it marks the Texas/Mexico southern border. But I was now going to be closer to its headwaters. This river originates in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

    As I drove toward Taos, I had a feeling there was something I needed to see or visit. Guided by my inner sense, I knew I was to discover more. About an hour into my trek, I saw a State Park Visitor Center sign. Once inside the Center, those who I thought were park rangers provided me with some tips on how to locate the Rio Grande Gorge itself. 

    Access to the gorge is a little more daunting than I’d originally expected. Honestly, I don’t know what I expected to find. I went up a very steep hill that caused me to turn back three-quarters of the way up. I returned to the Welcome Center. Once there, I inquired if I’d been traveling in the right direction as some things just didn’t add up for me.

    As a result, one of the Welcome Center guides offered to personally lead me to the gorge and to a spot with the best vista. A view I wouldn’t normally see if I were to simply drive to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. I was thrilled and took him up on his offer. 

    As I followed his pickup truck, I asked the Elders what I was going to find there. I asked if I was to receive an energy download. I’d received two others previously, and these downloads occurred around water. I believed that to also be the case here. I was thrilled by their confirmation. 

    We parked after traveling over big boulders and a very slow mile-and-a-half trek up a very steep hill. I was told the gorge was approximately 850 feet below the point where we then stood. Pictures do not do justice to what you see from that vantage. It was an incredible and beautiful sight. I was grateful to have made it and to see it after having taken a short hike to this overlook point.  

    The purpose of the energy download is to facilitate the means of transmitting energy. This energy would allow another individual or many individuals to easily and effectively self-heal. I’m not a healer. I can project energy to those who believe and are ready to receive healing light. 

    The energy I received was then integrated overnight. Around 3 AM Mountain time, the Elders provided more details. After their update and believing I could take a little break, I decided to sleep in and leave mid-morning for Sedona rather than during the wee hours of the morning. 

    However, I awoke with a start from a dream where I had been repeatedly shouting: “GO NOW”. 

    It felt like something major was going to happen – like knowing an explosion was set to go off. At least, that’s how it felt.


    The urgency I felt caused me to jump out of bed and ask the Elders if I was to leave for Sedona immediately. But my mind wanted to know if I had time for coffee. With no answer to that silly mental question, I loaded up my car and was on the road in ten minutes. It was just after 5 AM.

    During my drive, when wisps of snow danced on the windshield, I didn’t expect what came next. Now my story takes a turn as the temperature dropped from 40 to 22 degrees Fahrenheit. The wispy and playful snow that kissed my windshield had transformed into something other than that. The light snowfall had progressed into a blizzard.

    Police were everywhere with their lights flashing. Many police cars were parked along the interstate highway. They were ready to spring into action. The once easily traversable thoroughfare was now a bit ominous and treacherous. Those traveling these roads now did so at a crawl and at their own peril.

    I learned the police usually arrived and parked along the highway in advance of shutting it down. The mountain pass was getting dicey and dangerous. Had I slept in, my choice to drive to Sedona that morning may not have been possible. The fellow who’d led me to the gorge had decided to follow me from Taos, NM. So he was about an hour and a half behind me. As we spoke on our cell phones, he decided to turn around believing they would soon close the highway.

    I made it through, hitting a second bad bout of winds and heavy snowfall in Flagstaff, AZ. Yet, once I turned onto the road leading to Sedona, I was met by blue skies with crisp inviting air, not like the weather I’d just traveled through. 

    I was so grateful to be on dry pavement through the mountain passes. What a gift. Life is amazing.

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