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What’s Life without Purpose

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    Are you ready to find your purpose?

    While living in Boulder County, Colorado, I discovered I had the means to energetically connect to something greater than the reflection I saw in the mirror each day. It was an incredible realization and one that took me a while to fully believe. I’d been asking to find my purpose for years and knew I was on the right track, and yet I wanted … yearned for more. And so, it all began by having a strong desire to know that more existed. And from that spark of wanting, more was given. I was and continue to be given beautiful insights that I write down because I don’t want to lose their precious, all-inspiring words. The words they’ve given (and continue to give) are from a posture of unconditional and unending Love. In time, I’ll turn these early morning insights into another book but for now, I will share the little book that started it all. It’s called The Little Book to Find Your Purpose.

    It’s a Quick Read

    It’s such an amazing Little Book. Not because it was the first insightful book I was given, but because it so concisely gives an overview of all of the other books that followed. I knew it was special then but I have only come to realize more recently how truly special it is. Here’s an excerpt to flip through.

    This Little Book is truly a little book. 4×6 in size and short in duration. Yet, it covers a vast degree of material. More than you may know at your initial reading of it. But it was my first glimpse that I not only have a life purpose but also an original one. One that brought me to embody and live numerous, extended lives on this planet. Extended because I believe that many of us believed we could get what we wanted to understand here in one embodiment. And then resume the life we knew before the physicality in which we find ourselves in the midst of today. 

    Yes, this Little Book gives a snapshot of understanding in a bigger way than you may realize but nowhere within its pages does it talk about the life purpose. You see, I was always being led to understand and discover my original purpose. It is the greater purpose that exists and the reason you are living the life in which you find yourself today. 

    The problem that exists is that we’ve lost sight of it and many think that this physical existence is all that there is. And this little book is to be a reminder and an allowing of what truly is. And so you are meant to read it and then see what bubbles up to the surface over time … so you might discover more. It’s truly as simple as that. 

    What’s the Point Without Purpose?

    Are you ready to find inner fulfillment and quench the yearning that exists within? Now is the time to discover Universal wisdoms shared by the Elders. Get ready to discover some fundamental and foundational knowledge so that you can enlist a renewed perspective. Understand Universal Love more keenly so now you know how to bring it into play in a significant way. 

    Assimilate transformational building blocks so that your days are more productive and lead you to new heights of discovery. Find the means to still the mind, why you are not your thoughts, and the true significance of your emotions. Perhaps now is the time to:

    • Begin purposeful steps toward realization
    • Are you ready to enact and manifest your purpose
    • Learn Universal Love’s true value and its unending benefit
    • Transform your life with Universal Love
    • Positively shift and change your reality
    • Learn why feeling your way through this life is key
    • Free will choices have brought you here – what more might you discover
    • Still and slow the mind – find the steps to implement
    • When you implement better thoughts, experience better days
    • Discover why positivity is key
    • The Little Book will help you gain access to your energetic tools or gifts
    • Why you should change those negative thoughts you think
    • Become the gatekeeper of what you choose to purposely keep in play
    • Find your roadmap for success, good health, and happiness
    • Shift your frequency to manifest more

    Find out today when you realize all is possible — All is about you — All awaits connection and transformative means of wonderment as you discover more! Isn’t it time to find your purpose?

    Are You Ready for Transformative Change?

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    All is energy, vibration, frequency

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