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What’s the Value of a Story?

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    Is there value in the story?

    So what is the value of a story? Do you wonder about a bad occurrence and want to vividly communicate that story to your friends and colleagues? Do you want to get a reaction from what it produced? And once you have that oh-so-important realization that the story allowed you to recognize, do you let the story go, or do you continue in the retelling of it? You see, ego wants to be the greatest sufferer. Ego wants to be stroked, nurtured, and coddled. It wants to be the one who is seen as the victim and to hear from others how bad these things were. But were they really? So I’ll ask again. What’s the real value of a story? Do you know?

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    Value of the Story – Is a Gift

    You see, the story, and the value of a story in its occurrences are all gifts in disguise. Do you see them that way or differently? Do you see them for what they are? Or do you feel victimized in some way and want to remedy that? Tell others and share with those who will support your thought processes. Do you acknowledge bad occurrences by divulging those negative things with friends and family? Why not move into the crossroads of conscious considerations instead? Move to where the story brought you, where you ended up, rather than how you got to that nexus in the first place. Might you do that?

    Question Posed

    Today, you’ll hear the short answer given in response to a question posed. The value of a story and its impact was shared when I was asked about a situation such as this. There, I recommended that you look at life occurrences in a different way. And if you have not considered these occurrences in the way suggested there, maybe consider this now. Because the story is meant to be a means of navigation.

    Do you see life that way? Do you see it constantly changing with navigational twists and turns? If you don’t, you might. You will continue to receive directional inferences within the many steps you take within the day. It is by simply looking for them. See life as ever-changing. In this way, you will see other understandings. Shift to consider another perspective. Recognize what you couldn’t see without your shifting considerations. Enlist a needed and necessary perspective shift during the process so you might move other things into play. In this way, you change your perspective.

    What Does That Mean?

    You may need to change the way you see things or maybe even the way you look at life in general. When you see gifts in each thing that arrives at your door, you will no longer feel as you once did. You will see the opportunity this thing brought to you. If you do not leave a negative thing behind, if you don’t leave it in your rearview mirror, you are looking at and utilizing a limited lens of understanding.

    Know that the purpose you are meant to see is the opportunity this thing affords. And maybe you already see life this way. Maybe you recognize that there are gifts given in each occurrence that crosses your path. Maybe you already see how this thing has moved and shifted your direction in life. Maybe now you can recognize what you did not recognize before its occurrence. 

    The Elders suggest that when you enter into a contemplative or reflective time, you are to ask if you are where you need to be within your life situation. In doing so, these redirects would not need to occur. So it’s really up to you as to how your story unfolds. Whether life happens with or without the twists and turns that appear when you let your mind direct you. When you don’t simply stop and ask. You see, this part is up to you. It’s within your control to make it more seamless and less dramatic.

    Still the mind to enlist what you want to know. Slow the mind to ask those deeper, overarching questions. Allow more to enter your awareness and be recognized. Might you consider taking those necessary steps today? Try out this meditation or another or yet another to do just that. Now watch this short video on the value of a story.

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