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What’s the Value of Gratitude

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    find gratitude in each thing

    Do you give gratitude often? Do you take steps to consider what a day would be like without clean air, the freedom to travel here or there, the uniquenesses of a flower or a blooming tree? Do you see each as being distinctly individual to any other and to be treasured as such? Do you then take the time to reflect upon them to give thanks that you recognized their nuances? Those that allowed you to move into that space of appreciation? Might you do so now even if you have already considered the value of each conjectured thing previously? Do so in this way so that more might be? More might be in existence in this way. Let us explain.

    Gratitude Shifts Your Energy

    It is that there might be more of that. For it is not that you merely do these things, but do you see that in doing so, you shift the vibration or energy that existed there before? And this is the reason that you might end and begin each day in this way. Beginning and ending with gratitude allows for different energetic components to come to you.

    In doing so, you move your energy to another level of engagement. And when you engage from this level of play, then those you engage with throughout the day must buoy up their energy to interact with yours. And now you are moving from a different space, and in that space, you draw to you more like-kind energy. And that energy mirrors the energy that you have put into play. And so the day and all its activities engage with you in that aligned sort of way. And because of this, your day unfolds differently.

    Know that each step you take takes you on a different journey. It takes you on a different path than might have been experienced before without that one step. This is simply because you no longer operate as you once had. Do you see this? Do you see that as you move and enlist new steps, new pathways of preference appear? In this way, you can enlist a different tomorrow than what you experienced yesterday. 

    Gratitude Offers New Benefits

    Do you see that within life and within all there is in the physical place in which you find yourself that all is a choice? Make those choices that will offer profound options to appear. And here, we will say that gratitude will provide you with the means to do just that. Gratitude will allow your days to be better in that it will draw to you more than might have existed before its entrance into your life. It is the means of attracting more that is of beneficial energy. An energy that you might prefer and seek more over time.

    And that is what we seek for you to find. We seek for you to uncover the mystery and wonderment within a day. So that your days are unlike any other. These newly refreshed days will move you beyond where you resided yesterday. They will carry you to the threshold of unbounded vistas of opportunity. Their vistas are unending and have a bountiful promise of potential. Do you see that all is possible when you begin in a way of energetic alignment with all you seek to uncover and discover? Give gratitude. Life here works like this. It is so, as when you move in this way, then all is truly possible. This is what you might seek over something other than this. It is all possible when you enlist to move forward in a life that is boundless in its opportunities and renewed vistas.

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