When Not Seeing Clearly, Let us Show You How to Connect the Dots

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    This is important to understand for life will not always present itself to you as you might prefer. Each such occurrence does serve a purpose so one might pause and redirect their steps accordingly. Seek clarity now.

    We do not mean to focus so strongly on this one point before we move to another, but do you see what we hope you will take in and internalize? It is this, that each situation or occurrence presents itself as a means for you to reflect upon it. To recognize what it has been sent for you to see. To interpret the occurrence with a keen clarity of vision that may not be occurring in the current activity which is underfoot. So let us begin again.

    Life does present roadmaps of vistas of view. In that find the clarity which exists. When a blockage presents itself, or you do not find what you readily seek to see, stop and reflect upon yet another option that awaits discovery. Perhaps not to sit in front of a large screen of nonsense that will take you nowhere but rather to sit in contemplation or meditation. Might you prefer this over that? Seek insights from one means or another, or perhaps from a Higher Source. The mind would lead you to believe that it has all the answers, and we know this not to be so. Might you know this too?

    And so, here we are.

    Seek Clarity – Seek to See More Clearly – Evidently

    And what we seek to impart is this. In this new moment where clarity has presented itself with such a degree of insightfulness, look again. Today recognize that you are being shown something to help you to connect the dots. Dots that will help your steps to be more purposefully placed. In this way, there is a directness that will allow you to take less steps yet know more. And so it is most important to recognize when you are being given a redirect measure. Will you remain open to this now and also in the future? 

    Know this is given as a means to incite greater clarity. 

     And so it is.

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