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When You Can’t Find Your Purpose

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    Take Control of Your Thoughts

    Do you wonder about life, why certain things are drawn to you, and what their true meaning or purpose is? Or perhaps, do you wonder why particular things happen in your day-to-day dealings? Do you wonder how you’ve attracted this or that person or thing into your life? Do you see the significance of why you want to be aware of the thoughts you are thinking?

    Find Your Purpose

    It is, quite simply, so you might align to find your purpose. This is why you should keep track of your thoughts, especially those negative ones. It’s also why you might consider becoming a better mental monitor of what’s playing upstairs. This way you can more easily choose to shift into happier thoughts. It’s easier to do once you pay more attention to those mental meanderings. Keep tabs on what you’re focusing on and change what’s in play when those thoughts don’t feel good or make you feel unhappy.

    The Elders’ words have changed my life. The words that follow mine are those given by them but I wanted to share my understanding so you might look upon their words as I do. As everything is about your purpose. Their words are transformative and are the means of true inner transformation. Consider now their understandings as more is given.

    Given by the Elders

    Is it time to understand that you are the mental monitor of what exists within your mind? Is it time to understand and know that? And is it time to understand the importance this information is meant to convey? You see, the mind and all its ramblings do seek to slow your path and to keep you on a treadmill of illusion. In this way, it disillusions and prevents you from moving forward … and delays your journey here. Seek to know this.

    Mental Redirection

    Seek to know that this mental redirection is purposeful. It is directed at you so that you remain lost in the illusion — that place in which you may currently exist. Recognize this and know that you disillusion yourself if you believe that you already control your thoughts and that those thoughts you are thinking are your own. 

    And so know this day that more could be in play were you engage first from the heart space. Pause even now to connect there by focusing on your heart space and knowing that more exists than you may currently see. More exists for you to discover and more personally know as you traverse this life.

    Seek More

    But you must want these things to enter in. You must seek more. You must at some point in time recognize that there is more than you might be engaged in this day. 

    And you perhaps do not see this. You do not see beyond the physicality that exists in and around you. And so you must push past that. Push past the knowingness that the mind does suggest and interject in to your daily dealings. We suggest that it is time and past time for more to be discovered in this way. 

    For, as we have shared, the mind is a dicey deal, and for you to not recognize that it is running all that you do within a day in a significant way is deceiving yourself. Recognize its intent. Recognize its suggestions. See through the folly so that you might engage in life from a different vantage. And from that vantage, you see how more can soon be. More can be when you engage with its ramblings in a quizzical way — in a way of wonderment. Might you engage in this way rather than any other?

    Know, too, that the thoughts you keep can easily change. And in the change that you elicit, seek an uplifting, positive thought so that better things are then focused upon. For it is the thoughts you keep that move your day in formation and flow. Bring back those things preferred so that more of that enters in. Seek more expansive and loving thoughts to be held and for you to engage in this way above all else.

    Recognize, know and grow all that is so that your days are more expansive … so that your days are full and more loving. Find your purpose and move more purposefully now. In this way, more can be.

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