When You Seek Change – Shift

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    When there are changes underfoot, life moves in a manner that is sometimes unpreferred. What are your choices as you move about in your day? This is when you reflect on those unwanted things that have appeared before you. Those things that are seemingly anchored to your life, being, and world. How might you move so they might become redirected to flow differently than before? What might be done?

    Consider a reset method. Might you implement the best way to clear your mind from recurring mental dialog and its incessant banter? This is how you can clear out and refocus your attention to what you want. Focus on what you prefer to be. Do you see?

    Get Out of the Mind

    Oftentimes, there seems to be a great need to continually plot and plan how this or that will occur. But do you see, you cannot control all within the mix of the day? Others have their objectives too. Perhaps now you operate within the flow of what transpires which includes others. In this way, the two become intertwined. If you seek another path, a different course of direction, might you break the mindset that is keeping you tethered to this, that, or the other? Might you seek to reset, restore, and shift into a path that is more reflective of your individual journey rather than the continual melding of one to the other?

    And so, we do advise for you to become centered. In this way, you might change up your vibration so you can be free of the vibratory pull of what is aligning you to something not preferred. Do you see?

    Shift the Connection

    Since you continually focus on this thing, you are unable to break free from the vibrational pull that aligns you to it. So, seek to change. If only for a few minutes. Seek to limit that which binds you and keeps you anchored to this other thing. Then, seek to increase the space in which this alignment is disrupted so that a shift might occur. Change up what you do and do something that will take you out of that space and into another vibratory flow. Thus, you will weaken the bond and the means of connection.

    How can this be done when something is underfoot and already in play? What can be done when there are others involved who you cannot remove? Those who are a part of your day-to-day dealings. You see, you are the master gatekeeper. Even if they are always in close proximity, can you clear your mind briefly? You can disconnect in this way. You can grow this as time progresses. You may not think it possible initially, but you can grow this space. And in that space, you can change up what might otherwise be.

    Do you see?

    Become Centered – Seek Change

    And so as you grow this time and you are able to regain a centeredness within your being, now different things will flow in and to you. Different choices will appear. Different advisors will be seen as you draw in those individuals who are drawn in accordance with your new vibration as you will align differently than before. Can you see this?

    And soon, you will have new choices as you change the reality from which you now exist. And remember to always seek more.

    And so it is.

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