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Who Am I? Why Am I Here? | 6 Keys to True Identity

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    Infuse Light Energy in this Meditation

    Do you recognize your true identity or simply wonder – Who am I, and why am I here? Do you know who you really are or why you are here? Recognize you are not merely the body form you see in the mirror each day. Recognize you are so much more than your physical being. That’s what the Elders share in today’s update.

    They remind us of our divine lineage. The lineage from which we had existed prior to this life experience. And that we are not a lower creation. The physicality or density in which we find ourselves is necessary and is so much more than we may believe right now. Now is the time to remember the components intrinsic to all of this. Components that will lead us to an even greater understanding.

    Who Am I

    Do you recognize who you are? Who am I? Might you align in a way of knowing and becoming all that you already are? Remember what you once longed to know more fully. Your purpose is why you came here, and it is for this purpose that you established this Earth experience. It was your means of discovery. It was so you could get about understanding what was once unknown when you were spiritual in nature. Recognize why you chose to incarnate and have this life experience.

    Enact what you sought to know as you become that awareness once again. In this way, you are becoming more consciously aware of what you set up so long ago.

    who am I? Why am I here?

    Why Am I Here

    Do you wonder, also, why am I here? What’s the real point of living your life today? The answer is quite simply for you to enact your purpose. It’s your reason for your being here and living life today. And the answer is to experience your Earth adventure. It is why you are tethered to this life and other ones – to enact what your Soul wants and wanted to understand and know in a physical way.

    Do you wonder how to begin conscious engagement in this quest? Begin by reading our books. Read the Little Book to Find Your Purpose or listen to its audiobook. It’s short and succinct. Read some of our blog posts or check out our YouTube videos.

    Mind Game

    Do you realize that you are in a mind game most of the time? Move the mind away and off onto an adjacent shelf so that it does not continue to redirect you as it does. Make conscious decisions rather than moving as the mind does suggest. You see, the mind doesn’t understand spiritual objectives. So it does what it does best: it judges. Choose not to be the judge and jury for those you meet and interact with.

    Choose instead to be that loving awareness who recognizes how all selections are a matter of choice. And as you recognize more, incorporate additional components to stay present. Keep positive thoughts and those lines of thinking in play. Discover more each day so that your awareness grows in the process.

    Release Beliefs

    Do you see that beliefs are simply those limitations that keep you from becoming consciously aware? The Elders have given meditations on how you might release beliefs. Consider releasing some beliefs today.

    I scratch my head as I continually find more beliefs I’ve unknowingly held. I find it amazing and an ongoing quest of personal discovery to recognize and release these restrictive understandings.

    Beliefs are a tricky thing. They suggest why you can’t accomplish or do something. They suggest a self-limiting belief when a negative word such as “can’t” is suggested. I can’t do that is a statement I heard myself saying the other day. And in realizing this newly discovered self-limiting belief, I moved to release it. You might consider surrendering what remains unknown while releasing those (beliefs) you can more readily see.

    Light Energy Meditation

    Check out the guided meditation linked below so that you might infuse and restore your body vessel with light energy. Light energy is an incredible healing elixir that seeks to restore and revitalize your form. The physical form we know as our body is amazing in all it harbors, and all it allows us to accomplish. But when it isn’t operating at its full capacity, take advantage of a means and this restoration methodology. Return the balance that once existed there. Bring light energy into play as you seek to restore and renew your physical form.

    Remember Who You Are

    Consider “Who am I? Why am I here?” once again. Recall as you focus again on your true identity. Might you play in the energy suggested by the Elders as you sit in a meditative way to receive what is offered? Seek to restore all that is in need of a boost. Now be sure to engage this light energy in a meditative way.

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