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Why Change Your Energy

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    Why change your energy

    What does it mean to change your energy and why should doing so make a difference to you? Is this something that can easily be done or does it need to be worked on continuously? And too, why might this one thing make a lasting and significant difference to how your future unfolds? Does it seem impossible that something, so seemingly minor, could impact so much? Consider the far-reaching effects of what we discuss and their merits. Does this warrant you taking a second look…

    Change your Energy

    We know that much can exist within a day. And how each thing unfolds according to the energy you keep. How you interpret each wanted or unwanted nuance. The perspective taken is key. Might you reflect once again to see value in each thing perceived and received? Consider something initially perceived as being unwanted or bad as a gift. See the value in each thing perceived and received as your perspective changes in the process. You’ll change your energy and that will draw more of its kind to you.

    See Each Thing in A Positive Way

    Knowing as each thing passes before you, how they might be seen in a number of different ways. Why not choose to see them in a more positive light? Might you consider all vantages until you happen upon one that feels a bit more positive yet plausible? Once you perceive a positive slant, can you see another worthwhile point to further ponder? And then another? You see, the longer you can pause to reflect upon something from a more positive position, the greater the probability of drawing other like-kind energies to you. And from this posture, you will find more good things, this seemingly unwanted thing sought to impart. Thus, more like it can flow to you. Manifest the best day in this way.

    Course Correction

    Might you also consider that you do not always move on the most preferred path? And so, how would you get from one pathway to another without some sort of redirection or course correction? This is especially true if you are not looking for something new to enter in. You see, sometimes you are content and do not seek another way. But we tell you that at an earlier point in time, you did craft out an intended course to lead you to something you wanted to more fully understand, do, or be. And so, if you cannot know this thing from the path you’ve chosen, how would you ascertain that another is needed?

    Continually seek to refocus and remain within the flow of positive thinking. When thoughts do not serve, make you feel bad, or elicit some negativity, redirect them. Choose thoughts that make you feel good. When you move from one preferred thing to the next, you move more in step with what was outlined (by you) previously. Thus, your future will unfold more in keeping with what you sought to glean from your time on this planet. It is that each thing does build upon the other. And so, yes, little things mean a lot.

    More Choices 

    You see, each thing that passes before you offers yet another choice to be made. And each one leads to the next. Choose to look upon those things as guideposts that will take you to where you want to go. And if a pathway has led you to what might be perceived as not the best choice, then seek to be rerouted. It might be the best way to bring about new options. This will produce another course of direction to be pondered or considered.

    Such nuances are not always met with joy. So choose to greet each unexpected thing in a more positive way so you might see all they might impart. Move from uncertainty to garner firmer footing in the journey known as your life. As such, new interpretations become discerned to elicit the wonderment and joy each thing might impart as you positively change in the process.

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