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Why Do I Lash Out?

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    why did I lash out?

    Do you wonder why you occasionally lash out at those you love and care about? Recognize that other people in your life can (and do) hold integral components for your life’s progression. I’ll suggest that if you knew something was off, you would work to correct it. Right? But if you have an issue that you didn’t know existed, then what? How do you fix something you didn’t know needed fixing? And if lashing out isn’t something you routinely do, is this odd action meant to be a sign to explore why you did something so out of character? Does an occurrence need to be so extreme that you want to figure out why you did as you did? If it wasn’t extreme, would you just blow it off and continue on?

    With that said, I want to share how truly blessed we are to know the Elders. They are an invaluable resource. Of course, all of this begins with a story and a question. So how can we correct something that is off when it isn’t recognized? How can you know something you cannot see? And do you wonder why you lose your cool and lash out at someone unexpectedly? Do you ever explode and hurt someone who is only trying to help you? How is it that a loving and kind individual can also be so toxic?

    Lash Out

    Recently, I had a strong feeling inside that I just had to get out. I had to correct something that felt very wrong. I erupted with harshness and unnecessary ranting toward another person.

    I wondered why this explosion of words was occurring. More importantly, I wondered why I felt such a strong, almost urgent feeling to express myself in this precise way. Yet, there was a part of me that was looking on — wondering why this was happening. Yes, there was a part of me that couldn’t believe I was saying these things with such passion. I was shocked at myself and shocked at this sort of behavior.

    Have you ever let this happen to you? Do you lash out unexpectedly? It would be great if we could record, review, and then erase such diatribes. Have you ever considered recording what you plan to say so you could listen to it first? It might be something to consider because messages like this are really more for you than for the one you’re supposedly correcting.

    Were you to pause in this way, you would find it most beneficial. The Elders have often told me to be of the drama rather than in the drama. Do you understand why? Would you consider doing as they advise?

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    The Elders Suggest …

    Here’s an excerpt from what the Elders suggested in my situation:

    There is the belief (from the mind) that all (within your life) is as it needs to be. So recognize that you might look to be more cunning (and self-aware) than the mind … in what the mind seeks to suggest. 

    The mind also suggests taking that dive deep with you in spiritual quests. But it cannot. So it mimics what you believe and feel. But when you get to that pivotal point, it cannot go there. 

    And so, now locked in the mind’s ramblings – from a spiritual vantage – when the mind cannot travel any deeper, it suggests you stop for now … take a breath since you have already done so much…

    But you see, were you truly being present at that moment without the mind, you would see this and dive just a little deeper. Just a bit further. And so the mind moves you away from what might otherwise be. Do you see? The mind has moved you away and stopped you from doing some other aspirational things because you were moved to do some other (suggested) mental steps that led you away. Led you nowhere. 

    These other things were given as diversions. Move and be in a more present state. Refocus and shift the mind by regaining conscious moment awareness. Do this by simply breaking the mind’s momentum by stopping, refocusing, and engaging again. It will take seconds and free you from a certain mental loop of understanding.

    Consider Now

    Break through the current momentum to discover what you may have missed earlier. If you lash out, take notice. Enact recognition and change. Would you consider this? Would you also consider looking at yourself with loving kindness? Know that there may be more to why you raised your voice when your routine style is anything but that.

    And recognize that you are here to see something you didn’t see before. Because how can you see something that isn’t readily apparent? Look a bit closer when something seems off and out of place. See this eruption of words as a gift … to both parties. As there is also a message for the one you are engaging with. Both parties might gain value. But if the other party isn’t open to such considerations, then might you recognize the gift given?

    Move in a way of realization as you shift and change what was known before. Now let’s watch the Elders update — 

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