Why Does Your Perception Matter

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    Interpretations are significant, but are they accurate? Do you ask for clarification when you do not understand what someone is saying to you? Are they talking about you or thinking about themselves within that dialogue you didn’t understand? Do you believe their comments are really about you? Do you internalize their words and the perceived intent of what was said? This may cause some irritation. Why was this thing directed against you? Should you take offense to it? Let’s say you are impacted by your interpretations.

    Rather than react to clarify a statement made, do you instead internalize your frustration? In doing so, if you felt some angst without choosing to acknowledge it, know this emotional baggage remains with you until you’re ready to deal with it.


    And when an emotion is stored and then forgotten about, it does (in time) impact your world. By the time the conversation is over, you may not remember all that was said. Yet your body, which is the repository of emotion, does remember. And so years later, you have accumulated lots of emotions that lay dormant but internally active, nonetheless. Over time, these unexpressed emotions out-picture themselves through an assortment of options. Perhaps they are out-pictured through limited body function, disease, or some other malfunction. Do these morph into body aches, unexpected pains, or neuroses that are unexplained … how did this or that happen? “I wasn’t doing anything that should have caused this issue? I don’t understand?”

    So there you are… one day feeling perfectly fine and the next day, an unexplained and unwelcome pain enters your world for which you must now deal.

    We are Here to Address such Questions

    We want you to have the tools that would alleviate the pain you feel. Might you begin by inserting a mental pause to those things you simply infer? Why internalize errant thoughts? You presume but don’t really know for sure what was meant if you don’t seek immediate clarity. We suggest you evaluate further by seeking to clarify first.

    Present Moment Awareness is Recommended

    Continual mental oversight is advised. You are the guardian of your thoughts. You have the right and it is in your best interest to know the thoughts you are thinking. Monitor, observe and shift away from thoughts that make you feel unhappy by choosing to focus on those that feel better.

    Choose better thoughts and recognize everything said is not about you. Can you let words go over or flow through you without letting them impact you? Choose to think thoughts that make you feel good. This will allow your body to breathe. Yes – to breathe. Otherwise, the tense and tight way it feels has no means to release those perceptions that may not even be true or about you. And so it goes.

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