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Why Even 1 Hidden Addiction Matters

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    Hidden Addictions

    Do you wonder why hidden addictions matter? Do you wonder why they are important to discover and how you can get about releasing hidden addictions? One hidden addiction is one too many. Let’s back up a bit, to share why you are living this life today. You see, it’s all about your purpose in the end. So that’s where we’ll start…

    Your purpose is the thing that you are here to ultimately learn. So if you don’t want to discover it now, in this lifetime, you can wait and discover it in the next one. That’s how it works. There’s no timetable to discover it. You have plenty of time to do so as you came from no time. So a lifetime or two or twenty, what’s that when your spiritual consciousness has no beginning or end? Or so it would seem.

    You Are Timeless

    So know that you are timeless. And it is fine to wait and rediscover this another day. But I’ll suggest now that many reading these words have been incarnating on Earth for a long time. And many more individuals, who do not yet know of our teaching, have been embodying here for quite a while too.

    You carve out the life you prefer by the choices you make. Choices are boundless, so all choices have led you to read this post or that one or another. Taking on a hidden addiction is like that too. They are a choice. But sometimes, the choices seem more limited because the desire may seem greater than one can bear. We have spoken about energy leeches and will save that topic for another day. But know this …

    Hidden Addictions

    Hidden addictions are those you must move to remove from your life so you can self-heal and bring wholeness to your world. But how can you truly self-heal if you have a tie to other lesser activities? Activities that keep you from truly healing what is amiss or missing from becoming whole and complete.

    Know that if you have been searching for your purpose and found our website and these posts, you most surely have a purpose. You are the determining factor in distinguishing whether or not you have a purpose. Is it a priority in your life? You will discover your purpose by tuning in and asking for direction. Have you tried to do this yet?

    And we discuss your original purpose, not the life purpose. There’s a big difference.

    Enacting your purpose is the most important thing you can do in this life. It is all-important and may become all-encompassing. But it’s up to you. It’s up to what you want to discover and how you feel about getting after why you chose, or more specifically, why your Soul chose, to embody here.

    Do you Welcome Change

    Life is about change. Are you open to allowing change to enter into your life? If you hold beliefs so tightly that nothing new can enter in, then how can you expand and grow to know something more tomorrow? You might consider releasing those recognizable beliefs through one or more meditations given by the Elders. You might have to enlist this meditation or another more than once, or when you notice a previously unrecognized belief pop into view.

    Welcome change and all it offers. Know that you will never know all in this lifetime. So very little in the grand scheme of things is known here. The mind cannot fathom the many simplicities offered. Sometimes we make things so difficult. When you step back for a time to see what this life is really suggesting, well, you may be surprised by what you find.

    The mind adds complexity, intrigue, and negativity. I’d suggest that when you look at hidden addictions and see the opportunity offered in the discovery of what once remained undetected, you will open up a greater means to self-heal, bringing wholeness and greater clarity to your world.

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