Why Pain, What’s its Purpose

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    Have you searched to find healing methods or alternative modalities that will restore your life to a state of wholeness? Sometimes you succeed yet at other times, you fall victim to illness and disease. Each resulting consequence takes you either closer to a carefree existence or to an existence complicated by pain and its maladies. Searching out solutions to new aches and pains, often produce detours within an otherwise structured life.

    We understand that certain things are added for a purpose. They are implemented to redirect you back to the things you undertook to experience in this life. Did you ever see pain or disease through this lens of understanding? Yet, when such issues arise, a re-evaluation must occur because you have to search out solutions to your new aches and pains. You have to change things up and sometimes even evaluate alternatives to lifestyles and eating habits. Were you to see a benefit in everything that happens to you, could you sleuth out any benefits here? How might a course correction occur without the addition of an illness or disease? Would you even consider making changes to your routine right now without having to do so?

    What Do Pain and Disease Help You To See

    In other words, pain and disease are engaged when you are not seeing what you could not see without them. Can you look again to find what you may have missed before? What do they allow you to see that you did not see before their introduction? After doing some soul searching, how might you get back on course?

    Is there another way for you to recognize when you’ve lost your way without pain mandating the need for an immediate change? Pain and sorrow are demanding methods that cause you to stop and evaluate your life. Would you take seriously and engage easier options?

    If another pain-free choice were available, wouldn’t life be more fruitful and fun? How might more preferred opportunities appear then? Might you seek to minimize the limitations that always seem to be around the next corner? We seek to show other options before pain enters the scene or is generated by some earlier shortcoming. Wouldn’t that be better?

    So there are things that can be introduced and focused upon that will bring more happiness, as opposed to pain and grief. How might you recognize when something is amiss without this sort of course correction?

    If you were given two choices would you always choose the one with little or no pain? Wouldn’t a pain-free existence be preferred at any time? Certainly, we would not recommend a painful existence, yet many times, the unrelenting focus of the mind goes back to painful experiences where bad things are continually relived which does reinforce and recreate them. Or perhaps you repeat a negative situation and play it out with different outcomes.

    Develop Your Practice

    Take charge of your thoughts. Take charge by redirecting them when you need to do so. Move thoughts away from what you don’t want and into those thoughts that make you happy. Move toward a space of comfort and joy. Move troublesome scenarios from your mind and change your focus to happier topics. Do you see through your thoughts and suppressed emotions you are becoming energetically, misaligned internally? Release what doesn’t serve you and no longer harbor such energies within. Know life is but a series of choices. You can listen and engage insights and new understandings or choose yet another path.

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