Will you Find Your Purpose?

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    Will you Find Your Purpose?

    Consider Focusing on Better Thoughts

    The Elders have discussed regaining control of our thoughts. Now consider what you think about when you’ve received bad news. Do you wonder why this might impact your ability to find your purpose?

    Do you consider your thoughts when you’ve newly uncovered a bad or unwanted situation in your life? Do you focus on something incessantly while you work through it or do you just ignore it? Do you pause and contemplate when bad things appear? Do you seek to avert these things? Do you routinely pause to reflect on where you are within your life’s journey? Do you wonder how this would affect finding your purpose?

    You see, all are choices and when you deem such occurrences as bad or problematic then they become exactly as you believe them to be. Instead, choose to feel better as you hold better thoughts. Make an effort to do this even when unwanted things happen. Here’s how …

    Can you look at these occurrences differently? Can you see them as they were intended? It took me some time to see that in my own life. And really sometimes you just need to be beyond and past the occurrence to see the gifts that were imparted. Sometimes, you just need to get to the other side of it. Then, you can look at things more impersonally. You can see them as they were intended without the drama associated with the occurrence. Your feelings significantly impact how quickly you will find your purpose. Now, here’s what the Elders share …

    Find Your Purpose

    How would you know that you are moving out of step with what you had set into motion if some sort of reset wasn’t offered? And here, we refer to finding your purpose as it’s the reason you are here.

    You see, these unwanted things cause you to stop and reflect upon a situation that you didn’t reflect upon before the problem presented itself. And that’s the first step. And now you must look at the bigger picture to determine what is within your life and shift accordingly. If these unwanted things didn’t happen, would you not continue to deal with life as it is — or as it was? And in that existence, do you see how limitations set in and restricted what you wanted before the difficulty presented itself? And so, might you look upon each such thing in a different way? Might you see these things as the gifts that they are?

    Enlist Change

    You might otherwise continue on not believing that another way might be better. It is that often, change is not embraced for the benefits it might impart. Change is often looked upon with less than favorable feelings. In the unknown area that change suggests, you must now forge a new path. You must cut a new trail, and look upon life from a new vista of awareness. And in that vista, you must see what other pathway you might traverse because the one you walking upon now hasn’t led you to where you sought to go.

    Know this. Know that each is simply the means to look again. And in this looking upon what exists now, do so without the negativity that the mind might try to interject. Do so in a quizzical way. A way that looks within this less-than mentality — do so with the wonderment of wanting that which is before you now. Wanting perhaps what was not seen before. 

    And so know this. Know that more awaits your wanting and that newly felt desire. Know that all is as it might be and will be when you move slightly back onto another path. Move from the weeds back onto the trail — from the woodlands that you did find yourself moving around and through. See it as a blessing that you shifted this and that and found something even better than what you had thought might exist before. Recognize that each is gifted to you so that you might move into alignment with what you sought to know once in an earlier time. 

    Bless or Give Gratitude

    Move from this way and when you bless rather than look negatively upon this dreaded occurrence, then your life can move into a renewed, more focused awareness. And from that vantage more can be in that you now align this way rather than another. You align now to know something a bit more expansive, something moving in sequence with what is now sought when you know this other thing was not as you had once perceived it to be. 

    This is also akin to positive thoughts and thinking. Consider this, too.

    And so, move this day knowing that more can be. Find your purpose. More can be when you look upon a once negatively perceived occurrence while recognizing that it is not as you knew it once to be. It shifted and moved you to be in step and move in step to what you now are more aligned with and in that way, move to discover, as you discover all you seek to know. 

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