Would Your Actions Be Different

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would actions be different

The atom is a fiery component and a world unto itself. Imagine each atom to be a system and world unto itself. Would it be inconceivable that another whole system and world were to reside there?

They may not be out-pictured as you believe. How would that concept impact the way you feed and nourish your body if you knew that other forms of life were reliant on the nutrients that were ingested? Would you shift the manner and content of what enters your system if others within the same system depended on you and your choices?

Big Concepts

These are big concepts. Overwhelming to some, but truly how does what you do impact everything else, even from the concept of all-connectedness? Would your actions be different if you knew the full extent of the outcome or results of your actions? Would each be a more mindful host to all that dwells within? And do food groups cause an eruption of sorts within the system as a whole and what would be good to eat, rather than to eat for pure pleasure?

No choice is wrong from this vantage, however. Your life is meant to be one of experiment and discovery. But every choice does have a result that occurs because of it. It is not to say that one choice is better than another and so we do not mean to impose limitations, just thoughts of consideration because even though you may not think so, all decisions have consequences that allow for different outcomes. It’s that simple.

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