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You can Live Your Dream

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    Live Your Dream

    There are many pathways to get you manifesting the life of your dreams. You can most certainly live your dream. Are you ready to explore the endless possibilities that each day offers? When you are, I can tell you personally that unbounded vistas can be viewed, and your life will never be the same again. False beliefs will fade away, and you can discern from what the mind suggests and what awaits your discovery. Live your dream now.

    You see, often, the mind suggests negative thinking. Those thoughts aren’t real. The mind will suggest what isn’t worth worrying about or worth your consideration. When you can detect these falsities, your days will be happier, your new objectives more inviting, and you will begin to experience the life of your dreams.

    I know this because that’s how my days have become. Often, we do have all the money we need, it’s just the mind wants you to conjecture those negative what-if considerations. It wants you to consider life from a lesser slant. But imagine if the mind considered each thing from a positive slant. How would each day feel then? 

    Your Perspective is Key

    Do you see from positive perspectives how so much more can be? How would life feel when you look at it from a vantage of possibility and promise as opposed to lack? Life would look quite different. It would give you a more bountiful tomorrow because of your renewed focus. Reframe to look at life with the wonderment of the child. 

    And what’s the benefit to you? You would be happier. You would keep a smile on your face when seeing each occurrence differently. In doing so, you would also resonate differently. You’d draw different people into your life. I’ll even say that different experiences would manifest accordingly.

    Live Your Dream

    Isn’t that what you want? A life that no longer appears laden with lack but exists with more possibility and promise? Now the smile on your face isn’t forced — it’s real.

    Each new purchase cannot sustain you. It simply causes you to want to find something else to acquire. Maybe that new Tesla car, maybe that bigger house, maybe a private vacation retreat, or even to buy that unique crystal or mineral geode. Will any of these things enable you to experience your spiritual life differently? Do you believe this?

    Must you own certain things? Are they able to complete you?

    But none of these things will bring the wholeness sought.

    You can most certainly buy anything you desire. You can have each one of them, but they will never bring wholeness or complete you. You can, however, acquire them from a space of wanting to experience them and experience how they make you feel. The difference is knowing that they will not move you to be more than you aspire to be without them. They are temporary components that will never complete or give you something more than you are already. 

    Do you see the difference? 

    Find Your Purpose

    Feeling fulfilled isn’t something achieved by purchasing this, that, or the other thing. It is achieved when you move into enacting your purpose. Live your dream.

    Your original purpose is the thing you are to connect with here. It’s why you are living this life. But I’ll suggest that you’ve been incarnating for so long that you have forgotten about the Soul’s purpose. Here, on this website, and in these blog posts, we hope to stir something up in you. Set the intention to unlayer what’s been buried within. Allow for something more to be.

    The Time is Now

    Live life in the fullness that it is. Question each thing in a fun-loving way, what each thing means, and how life wishes to express itself to and through you. Enter into the day in a unique and whimsical way.

    Do you feel the difference? Begin today to live your dream. It’s ready and waiting for you.

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