Your Purpose Is Most Important — Isn’t It Time to Know Yours?

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    Your Purpose Is Most Important -- Isn't It Time to Know Yours?

    And so, consider all the adversities and issues that exist today. Do you see this time as having more significant issues than others in history? Consider now that there are such issues of adversity within every lifetime that you have ever lived. And this will continue to be so should you re-embody yet again.

    We would say that now is the time to change the trajectory of what you are in the mix and midst of in this day. Change the need to return yet again by discovering why you chose to embody in the first place.

    You chose to come here because you wanted to understand the energy that you did not understand while not in a physical way. You wanted to know it more deeply, more specifically, more personally than you otherwise knew. You wanted to know how this thing would make you feel were you to embrace and discover its deeper intricacies.

    You Wanted to Know More – Find Your Purpose

    And so now you have lost recall of this initial desire, and so you move about this Earth as if this existence is all there is. As if there is nothing else beyond and besides the physical issues in which you find yourself today. And do you see that this is merely the illusionary way in which you find yourself? You are in the midst of Maya that is unlike any other you have found before in that it is riveting and most specific to you. So you might say all of your buttons have been pushed, and you are in high gear.

    And perhaps you say that there is a wrong that must be righted or a disease which must find its cure. There is adversity and things that are amiss, and the rightness of each is missing from the landscape in which you exist. And we will say that there is nothing wrong with righting a wrong — with bringing justice into that which is not — making sense of the senseless, but we will also say that you have been doing this for a time and more time. And isn’t it time now to get about why you have come here in the first place?

    Can you see that there is so much in the formation and flow of a day and that life seems to have an urgency that seemingly wafts and floats about? It is in the air which does seem to move all into what is and what might be.

    Seek this day to get about discovering what brought you into this Earth plane in the first place. What brought you here, and why did you choose to embody initially. Might you set the intention to remember what you may not now know? Might you set the intention so a bubbling up might occur, and you might move differently tomorrow than yesterday or perhaps even today? Might you move now in the wonderment of all that might be when you elect to engage this recollection?

    Find the answers to all you seek in our next purposefully inspired book. It awaits your engagement as you look toward your next undertaking. 

    Might it be so — and so it is.

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