Your Thoughts are Powerful Attractors, How to Attract What You Want

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    How is it that your thoughts are such powerful magnetic pulls? Do you see how they attract similar things into your life? Why do they draw more of their kind to you? How does vibration work here and why does this seem to be such a significant contributor to what appears in your near future? And how might you attract more what you want rather than what you don’t want more of? How might you recalibrate an atom’s spin through your thoughts and what about love? Where does it fit into all of this?

    Do you feel or know when things begin to align in a certain way, how everything seems to work in unison to make your life ambitions rea? If you haven’t experienced this yet, let’s go into a bit more detail so you might start enacting these occurrences into your life sooner than later.

    Change an Atom’s Spin

    Life, down to its smallest measure, is unique. And so when atoms can change their molecular structure, and each one has the ability and does change these structures through thoughts with action, then you find the restructuring and the recalibration of life. What is failed to be recognized at times is the degree to which you can enact that change and how you might do it in a more measured way to control aspects of life as you wish to have things occur.

    As you formulated a thought or focused upon a long-held desire, how much detail do you give your imaginings? Do you script out many of the details or do you think about them only in passing as you move quickly from one mental topic to another? We would say linger here.

    Linger Upon All You Desire, See Each

    Linger for a few more moments to create a greater expanse of desires of how this or that might look and feel. Can you see yourself moving through the various aspects as you watch them play out in your mind’s eye? Can you see them in vibrant colors or in muted tones? Can you see people responding to the various things you imagine as they are played out in your mind’s eye? This is advisable to do because if your thoughts are too fleeting, there cannot make a strong connection to them. Create a connection with your focus. We are not meaning to suggest that you think about them without moving onto another thought, but we would say linger here a bit so there might be more of an energetic connection with the positive thoughts you are thinking.

    Dreams and Aspirations

    Have you told others about your dreams or aspirations? Do you place them far into your future or do you describe them as being right around the corner? We would say, place them in the proximity where they are within the reach of your arm. So close you might say they have already manifested and begun to play out. Imagine these things as already occurring in another dimension. Does that seem too far fetched or is it something you can embrace and bring closer into immediate focus? Can you see this or that element become sharper and become clearer as you place your laser-focused attention there?

    Now Connect & Add Feeling

    Can you feel what has been created? Is it something that will bring joy to you? Can you feel this joy now? Feel what it would be like to have a standing ovation, accolades from friends or family, inner happiness from having created something that connects to you in a significant way. It may be something that may not merit a standing ovation, but can you see and feel this anyway?

    We suggest making a connection between this objective and the feeling you associate with it. It is most important to feel how this thing makes you feel as you move to connect them energetically. Think upon it as if it had already been manifested and is occurring within your world. We seek to impart how the feeling aspect is a most important point for you to be aware of at this time.

    See, Feel and Connect

    So do see, feel and connect to that which you wish to have as a part of your everyday occurrence. Do this each day and perhaps several times as you think upon it throughout your day. The frequency will increase as you being to think about it more because you are its creator. As it begins to grow legs and form, it will more readily present itself because when it does become a part of your daily dealings, you will have to consider it more frequently as it grows more significant. This happens as it becomes that vibrant, real thing that requires a degree of stoking to keep it ablaze and growing.

    Action Is Needed

    Now the action portion of the equation comes into play. So you have seen it in your mind’s eye (what you want to bring in). You’ve seen it throughout your day. You add the feeling component and what it evokes in you and perhaps even to the world. You’ve even spoken of it to family, friends, and others as if these things were already here. Now what?

    This is when you must start to physically do a little bit more. It is time to engage with this thing in a manner where you build upon all of the steps already taken. You move with all of them in unison, one with the other. Now you take these things and grow them as if you were in a laboratory looking at them in a petri dish. You have a living, growing organism which you see in its earliest beginnings.

    Add Love

    Now add love. Love every aspect you have lovingly created, felt and discussed. Now when you connect with the feeling part of this exercise, reconnect and add the action of Love to the mixture you have introduced. Love is always a valuable and most necessary energetic ingredient to engage and it is a necessary one here.

    It is through your doings now, those that move in a way to engage you with the happiness and joy you feel as you go about your daily dealings. This is when you might stoke it a bit more by taking this action to add the energy of Love into the mix. Do you see this?

    Now move into your day and do so from the expansiveness that Love offers to you as you create that which will be, that which already is.

    And so it is.

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