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The Little Book to Find Your Purpose

Anything Can Be Yours!

Have you longed to know what your unique gift is and if it is yet to be? We seek for you to recognize and know more precisely in this time, your purpose, or reason for being. Won't you spend a few minutes so that you might know and begin to enlist all that awaits your discovery? Seek to rediscover all that might now be.

Do you seek inner fulfillment and yearn to discover what is awaiting your recognition? Perhaps now is the time to:

  • Find your roadmap to success, good health, and happiness
  • Consciously create your unique quality, gift, or truly anything desired
  • Discover the value of better thoughts, how you are not your thoughts, and become the gatekeeper of what you choose to purposely keep in play
  • Learn how to gain access to your own energetic gifts or tools
  • Recognize the significance of free will, why it’s important to feel each experience you’ve created, and how even the smallest of choices matter
  • Slow the mental chatter as you access a means to do so
  • Release limitations and the negative what ifs of life as you engage in the positivity of what is now in play
  • Understand how thoughts create feelings and feelings create emotions bringing forth actions or reactions which result in your manifested reality
  • Seek for the unknown to become known
  • Know all is energy, vibration, frequency

Isn't it time to Find Your Purpose?


what if book

The What If Book of What Is

Heal, Restore, Renew

Have you ever believed your choices were too limited, or your thoughts didn’t really matter? Do unwanted things seemingly happen as you struggle to stay afloat? Discover how to consciously draw in those things you want instead. Release undesired energy, which might otherwise grow into an illness or disease. Find the gift in adversity as you:

  • Take your life back in a more purposeful way while enlisting steps to heal and restore
  • Reset your subconscious to Universe's original design
  • Consciously recognize options you didn’t see before
  • Learn why meditation is needed, how to do it while maximizing what it offers
  • Gain insights to enlist new perspectives
  • Welcome change while embracing its meaningful course corrections
  • Seek to discover more ...

Our intent is to communicate healing modalities to and through Robyn who vibrationally connects to us. Together we bring forward new, yet, not truly new teachings — those lost in time.

the Elders

The inspirational writings found within these pages were given to Robyn by the Elders. They can be described as pure consciousness and Infinite Awareness. Their powerful insights suggest some refreshingly simple methods to employ. Robyn, a gifted communicator, spiritual seeker, and energy intuitive. She bridges the physical with the non-physical world to bring their words into form.

Now imagine a future where limitations are removed while putting purpose-driven direction into play. Unbounded opportunities await as you consciously co-create each undertaking sought as you align anew to heal, restore, renew.


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The Original Purpose

Answer the Age-Old Question —

Why Am I Here?

Does it feel as if that elusive purpose is nowhere to be found? Perhaps you’ve heard about it, but you haven’t quite connected to what it is. Maybe you already know of your life’s purpose. Are you enacting it now? Or do you feel you’ve found your mission in life, yet you still don’t feel complete, fulfilled, or whole? Might you look now for your Original Purpose?

Find the gift in each adversity and enlist change as you:

  • Take steps to recognize and enact your Original Purpose
  • Feel happy, complete, fulfilled
  • Reclaim your life and move in a more purposeful direction
  • Stop the rounds of incarnation
  • Embrace change as your friend
  • End endless reality games
  • Always seek to discover -- More

Engage with life intentionally to elicit what is wanted. Recognize what you did not consciously see before. Look again, enlisting new insights to view life differently. Seek another perspective as more dynamics seem to magically appear.

Step into a greater awareness as you move away from the proclivities of a mental knowingness that brought you adjacent to where you sought to be. Allow new insights to guide you back on course. Access what has been all about you and within arms reach throughout this life. Find those things that were always there yet had remained unknown as you discover more.

Isn’t it time to connect to The Original Purpose?


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