Enact their steps,
transform your life

Eric Dyer

There is much depth and consideration folded within each chapter…ready for you to unwrap.

Prudence Kalloo

I recommend the read and encourage the exercises in this book to help.

J. Sink

This is a great guide to awakening the power within and creating ease in your life as you clear old patterns and call in new ones!

Ed Kuhlenkamp

... If you are committed to living a better life this is the book for you ...

Be Gladhill

... It is timeless, a keeper, and a go-to for new insights and perspectives every time!

Christy Flores

... They teach us that we are so much more than what we think we are ...


... Full of healing vibrations and ways to turn your life around. Read it often for it allows for new insights each time.

Britney G.

... It's brilliant ...

Jon A.

The messages here are timeless ...

Jones Leeh

... I recommend the guide to any reader looking to learn from the Elders and elevate their life.

Rosie L.

This is a thought-provoking and very informative book ...