The Little Book to Find Your Purpose

by Robyn G Locke, the Elders

the little book FRONT COVER 2022.04.14

What’s the point without purpose? Do you seek inner fulfillment? Do you yearn to discover what is awaiting your recognition? Are you ready to profoundly reconnect with Universal Love?

ISBN 13: 978-0999245842

ISBN 10: 0999245848

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Pages: 74

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The Little Book to Find Your Purpose provides fundamental knowledge for a better foundational platform of understanding. It is the first book intuitively given within the Purpose Trilogy. By utilizing this little book and the steps given within, seekers can more readily align to become more consciously aware. This allows for an inner bubbling up to occur as long-ago objectives resurface and a remembering is triggered.

With each new (yet truly not new) understanding given, and insights are turned into action, you’ll begin to see this life differently. As you strive to redirect mental distractions and unearth the deeper meaning of emotions, new pathways will appear. Now you’ll navigate the means of finding inner fulfillment as you find your purpose.

The Little Book to Find Your Purpose sets a foundational platform that will springboard subsequent understandings in a pivotal, albeit significant, sort of way. Know that all is given in the right time for you to accept, internalize, and receive such knowledge. This little book sets the stage to find your purpose as you progress along the pathway it provides.

Assimilate transformational building blocks so that your days are more productive and lead you to new heights of discovery. Find the means to still the mind, why you are not your thoughts, along with the true significance of your emotions. Perhaps now is the time to:

  • Learn more about the energy you are meant to enact and manifest here
  • Discover the true value of Universal Love and how it can magically transform your life
  • Recognize the significance of free will and why it’s important to feel each experience created
  • Produce better days when enlisting positive thoughts 
  • Release limitations and engage the positivity of what is
  • Find your roadmap to success, good health, and happiness as you consciously co-create more than your mind can conceptualize
  • Consciously create your unique quality, gift, or truly anything desired
  • Discover the value of better thoughts, how you are not your thoughts, and become the gatekeeper of what you choose to purposely keep in play
  • Learn how even the smallest of choices leads to greater ones
  • Release limitations and the negative what-ifs of life as you engage in the positivity of what is now in play
  • Understand how thoughts create feelings and feelings create emotions bringing forth actions or reactions which result in your manifested reality
  • Experience better days when you learn how to get into Universal flow
  • Slow the mind and enlist verses that will assist to grow this process
  • Find your purpose as you seek to discover more

Robyn G. Locke receives her inspirational writings from the Elders. They provide insights that will allow you to connect more easily within and achieve all you desire to create.

Enact steps found within The Little Book to Find Your Purpose to move more into cue this day. And then enact the life of your dreams as you see this life differently than before. Change your perspective and you’ll also change your life. Find your purpose in this way today.