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What’s Your Purpose


Do you know your purpose? Have you heard someone speak about how to discover their life’s passion, mission, or purpose? Some also refer to this as their reason for being. Quite simply, it’s the reason you living here today.

Is the Law of Attraction Real

The Law of Attraction

Is the Law of Attraction real? Is it as it seems to be? How can you know for sure? And if it is real, how do you attract what you want sooner rather than later? Start by deciding to move forward as you determine to move closer to what you want. What does it mean to move forward in this way? Is it a physical step, or is it an intentional movement to become more aligned with what you came to do or be?

What is Present Moment Awareness

Present Moment Awareness

So what does “Being in the Now” or present moment awareness mean? This is when you are meant to pause and recognize where you are in life. Where you are and what you are doing as you live in the now-ness of this life experience.

Are You Open to Change

Open to Change

Do you see and expect change to be a part of your future? Do you see its significance? Do you believe that everything worth discovering has already been realized? Recognize there are still many discoveries yet to be made. We find that often, individuals become mired in information as if all were static. Recognize when to employ change.

Tell the Day What You Want

What do you want

Might you tell the day what you want it to manifest? Tell the day what you want as you move to enact more. Know that this day holds an energetic key or pattern unlike any other. Might you provide direction to your day as you feel your way?

Unlimited Potential


Do you realize that you have unlimited potential? Do you realize that you are limitless? The limitations you experience are those which are self-imposed. There are no limitations but those you choose to embrace. All potentialities are limitless.

Consider Your Self-Talk


Do you consider your own self-talk? Self-talk is that internal voice that drives you to do this, that, or the other. Do you believe this is you in the background having this dialog? What if you found out this wasn’t you but something separate and aside from you?

Change Your Perceptions

change perceptions

Interpretations are significant. Are your interpretations, known as perceptions accurate? Your perception matters. When with another, do you ask for clarification when you’re unsure of what was being said? In such conversations, are they talking about you or thinking about themselves?

Ego & the Thoughts You Keep

What about ego and the thoughts you keep? It was once a necessary and critical component anchored within your physical form. There are still many benefits ego offers. It has served to provide the needed guideposts for survival in earlier times. So relevant was its purpose and mission that the demise or loss of one’s life would have more readily occurred without its most critical evaluation of the circumstances surrounding it in less secure times.

What is Synergy

Synergy exists in all things. Synergistic qualities are there and they can be defined as the coming together of two. They are also comprised when two come together. But you must also realize that each synergistic component might operate independently. You see, it is in the synergy that exists where more can be. All things […]