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Might You Trust And Believe

Trust and Believe

Shelf the mind and do move into the sacred space of your heart. Might you trust and believe after you inwardly confirm?

Your Focus is Key


Too often, the mind focuses on life from a position of lack, rather than the abundance offered by the Universe. In that offering, so much can be gleaned, In fact, so much can move from that space into attainment in all things. You came here to experience life. 

Law of Attraction

Attract what you want

Have you been remiss in focusing on what you don’t want, rather than what you do? Many are predominately focused on what they don’t have rather than on the abundance that awaits once you focus upon it.

How to Make This the Last Incarnation #6

final incarnation

We’ve been providing a series of updates around a July 16, 2023 insight given by the Elders. It’s about how to make this the last incarnation. If you’ve missed them, here’s the first one. I split their update into six installments. This is the final one; it’s the conclusion. Here, the Elders share how to […]

How to Make this the Last Incarnation #5

last incarnation

Have you been following our posts on how to make this the last incarnation? This is the fifth installment, and it shares an important consideration. You see, the Elders, beings of pure consciousness and infinite awareness, share these insights. Their insights are unmistakably compelling and the means for you to move in a purposeful way. […]

Revealing the Premise of Your Purpose Meditation: Unlocking the Key to Fulfillment

the premise of your purpose. Key to fulfillment.

In any meditation, do you recognize the importance of sitting in stillness and clearing your mind? Stilling and slowing the mind is critically important. This premise of your purpose meditation is intended to enlighten as to the reason why your Soul chose to incarnate here. It is the basic understanding you’ll want to consider. The premise of your purpose is more than you might believe it to be. Discover more about this premise today.

An Unscripted Road Trip

Unscripted road trip

Have you ever considered living an unscripted life? Have you ever pondered living life in a way that isn’t as the mind suggests? Have you ever wondered and then connected to your heart space to begin a new adventure? And what about your purpose? Is it time to consider this life differently? I’ve just returned from a 6-week unscripted road trip. And I’ve got a lot to share. 

Surrender – What Does it Mean to Surrender

Surrender to experience more

Have you ever embarked on a road trip but didn’t know where you were headed? Maybe you had a basic idea, but on this trip, you wanted to discover and choose the path you travel by receiving direction inwardly. I want to share a part of my magical mystery tour — the continuing adventure found during my road trip to Sedona, Reno, and beyond. This is my story of surrender. What does surrender mean to you, and what does it mean to surrender?

You can Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream

There are many pathways to get you to the life of your dreams. You can live your dream. Are you ready to explore the endless possibilities that each day offers? When you are, I can tell you personally that unbounded vistas can be viewed, and your life will never be the same again. False beliefs will fade away, and you can discern from what the mind suggests and what is awaiting your discovery. Live your dream now.