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Tell the Day What You Want

What do you want

Might you tell the day what you want it to manifest? Tell the day what you want as you move to enact more. Know that this day holds an energetic key or pattern unlike any other. Might you provide direction to your day as you feel your way?

Unlimited Potential


Do you realize that you have unlimited potential? Do you realize that you are limitless? The limitations you experience are those which are self-imposed. There are no limitations but those you choose to embrace. All potentialities are limitless.

Ego & the Thoughts You Keep

What about ego and the thoughts you keep? It was once a necessary and critical component anchored within your physical form. There are still many benefits ego offers. It has served to provide the needed guideposts for survival in earlier times. So relevant was its purpose and mission that the demise or loss of one’s life would have more readily occurred without its most critical evaluation of the circumstances surrounding it in less secure times.

Provide Direction for the Best Day

Know that today holds an energetic pattern unlike any other. Might you provide direction to your day? Might you frame the day? Do so when you seek to establish a unique blueprint – the fingerprint of this and each day. You can pattern your days to provide you with the preferred outcome you desire. Set out to lay the groundwork for how you expect this day to manifest.

Embrace All – Be Limitless


There are no limitations, but those you choose to embrace. All potentialities are limitless. Choose now to remove any self-imposed constraints and embrace your unbridled destiny. It is of endless possibility and is of your choosing. It is yours to embrace. Only when you choose a self-limiting thought does this limitation enter your world as it seeks to anchor there. Move away from all that does limit you by your thoughts.

Spontaneity Allows for More


Spontaneity versus structure. Which one appeals to you? Enter into the space of allowing so that more might be. Would you agree with the statement – “Through God all things are possible?” As we have said, life, when too structured, is not a life of living but a rote routine, and almost a mechanical occurrence.

Life Without Death


Death is a necessary part of the earth’s process. Do you recognize its value? Without transition, well, there would be many in embodiment here. New experiences sought might be difficult to bring forward in a one-life scenario. So there must be ways to do so. Illness, disease, and ultimately death allow for this transition to occur. Perhaps in time, other methods could be employed to move a Soul onto other things.

How Do You Awaken – Are You Ready?

First, if you’ll indulge me, I promise to start the awakening discussion next. But if you’ll allow me to digress for just a moment and to extend an invitation to join us this Friday and Saturday at our first event of 2023. It’s not too late to register and join us in Greensboro because you can attend virtually too. Ask questions and be a part of the energetic flow of energy as the Elders bring insights and understandings during our time together. Thank you for indulging me. Now back to this week’s post.

Negativisms – Let Go of Them

Negativisms & Negative What Ifs

Do you recognize and pay attention to the thoughts that run routinely through your mind’s eye? Are they positive or negative thoughts? Have you wanted to know how to stop the flow of that negative loop of thinking? Negativisms seemingly exist when you are not paying attention to what your thoughts suggest. These are all big questions and are the purpose of this blog post. 

The Original Purpose Explained – Why Am I here?

Why Am I Here?

Have you wondered about your purpose? And specifically, have you wondered about having an original purpose? And maybe even what the difference is between having a life purpose and an original one? This is the thing that caused your Spiritual Essence to want to incarnate here. Quite frankly it’s why you are here.