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How Do You Awaken – Are You Ready?

What Does it Mean to Awaken

First, if you’ll indulge me, I promise to start the awakening discussion next. But if you’ll allow me to digress for just a moment and to extend an invitation to join us this Friday and Saturday at our first event of 2023. It’s not too late to register and join us in Greensboro because you can attend virtually too. Ask questions and be a part of the energetic flow of energy as the Elders bring insights and understandings during our time together. Thank you for indulging me. Now back to this week’s post.

Negativisms – Let Go of those Negative What Ifs

Negativisms & Negative What Ifs

Do you recognize and pay attention to the thoughts that run routinely through your mind’s eye? Are they positive or negative thoughts? Have you wanted to know how to stop the flow of that negative loop of thinking? Negativisms seemingly exist when you are not paying attention to what your thoughts suggest. These are all big questions and are the purpose of this blog post. 

The Original Purpose Explained – Why Am I here?

Why Am I Here?

Have you wondered about your purpose? And specifically, have you wondered about having an original purpose? And maybe even what the difference is between having a life purpose and an original one? This is the thing that caused your Spiritual Essence to want to incarnate here. Quite frankly it’s why you are here.

Uncertainties: Are They Certain?

Do you wonder about this world and the uncertainty that seems to exist today? Do you wonder about life that seems to be constantly changing and morphing into a reality that you do not understand or know? Do things seem to progress at such a rapid pace that you do not know why and how this world will continue without involvement to a degree in this or that activity or cause? Do you wonder and pause?

Will you Find Your Purpose?

The Elders last discussed regaining control of your thoughts in the previous blog post. Now consider what you think about when you’ve received bad news. Or maybe consider your thoughts when you’ve newly uncovered a bad or unwanted situation that exists. Do you focus on this thing and work through it or do you just ignore it? Do you see the choice that you are presented with here when bad things happen? You see, all are choices and when you deem such occurrences as bad or problematic then they become exactly as you perceive them to be. Instead, choose to feel better even when adversity appears. Here’s how …

When You Can’t Find Your Purpose

find your purpose

Do you wonder about life, why certain things are drawn to you, and what their true meaning or purpose is? Or perhaps, do you wonder why particular things happen in your day-to-day dealings? Do you wonder how you’ve attracted this or that person or thing into your life? Do you see the significance of why you want to be aware of the thoughts you are thinking?

Choose Expansiveness Over Struggle

Expansiveness over struggle

Life was not meant to be a struggle, but on the earth plane, it oftentimes is just that. It has become a motivating influence to many and serves to influence those by what it portends. So in the struggle, the doings do sometimes occur ritualistically and perhaps other times they occur out of inspiration. It is the inspirational aspect that we focus upon here.

Your Thoughts are Important

Your Thoughts are Important – They Change Your Energy – And You Draw More of that Energy to You. #8.

When you engage with hypothetical understandings, judgmental beliefs, and other negative thoughts, you draw more of their energetic kind to you.

When you engage with hypothetical understandings, judgmental beliefs, and other negative thoughts, you draw more of their energetic kind to you.

All things these are merely choices as they require you to focus upon them and choose to engage with them. Make different choices as you consider that there is more to the equation than you realized before. You control the thoughts you keep … so focus more on those you prefer.

The Fear Factor = Opportunity

The Fear Factor. What is that? Are you ready to face your fears? What is behind the fear you feel? Is it time to look there? Embrace this and know that more opportunity is yet to come. Because life is a journey that you are meant to traverse, seek to discover more within this life. Intend for this life to be a bountiful and unique opportunity. Intend for more to be.

In this Life – Find Your Purpose

Find purpose in this life

Have you considered within life the importance of setting your goals or accomplishing those things that will propel your next best steps? Do you entertain this practice in business? What about spiritual aspirations? Do you treat those in a similar manner as the other?