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Become Consciously Aware

Consciously Aware

Do you want to become more consciously aware? Do you connect to your Soul or communicate routinely? Do you believe that the Soul is too elevated or unreachable? Recognize that more can become a part of your life when you seek to consciously connect in a meaningful way. Conscious awareness is simply remaining conscious throughout the day. Staying present when the mind seeks to redirect. Set an intention to remain conscious and aware as you set the stage to do so.

How to Make This the Last Incarnation #6

final incarnation

We’ve been providing a series of updates around a July 16, 2023 insight given by the Elders. It’s about how to make this the last incarnation. If you’ve missed them, here’s the first one. I split their update into six installments. This is the final one; it’s the conclusion. Here, the Elders share how to […]

How to Make this the Last Incarnation #5

last incarnation

Have you been following our posts on how to make this the last incarnation? This is the fifth installment, and it shares an important consideration. You see, the Elders, beings of pure consciousness and infinite awareness, share these insights. Their insights are unmistakably compelling and the means for you to move in a purposeful way. […]

How to Make This the Last Incarnation, #4

Make this the last embodiment

Make this the last incarnation by discovering why your Soul chose to embody. Is it time to discover who you are and what you came here to enact? So much awaits our realization and that’s what this week’s blog post is all about. Be sure to sign up and subcribe to the Advanced Energetics YouTube […]

3-Minute Backstory – Why You Are Here

Why the Backstory Matters

Have you wondered why you are here? Have you wanted to know the backstory and premise of your purpose? Your purpose is, quite simply, why you came here. But why are you still here? The Elders share a short, 3-minute accounting of just that. It’s the backstory to your purpose-driven premise. Might you read on?

How to Stop the Rounds of Incarnation

Stops Rounds of Incarnation

Incarnation Do you wonder about life here and the rounds of incarnation that seem to be occurring? Do you wonder if this premise is real and how to determine when enough is enough? Why are we here anyway and what’s this life all about? If you believe yourself to be an old Soul … well, […]

Make this Your Final Incarnation

Last Incarnation

Are you ready to make this the last incarnation by intending to make this your final embodiment? It’s all about what you want this life to be and how you want things to come in and flow to you. Set the intention for more to become known if you want this to be the last round of lifetimes experienced here. Make this incarnation all that it can be as you move to bring about all your Soul had wanted to accomplish and now know.

4-minute means to find purpose

Feel your way to find your purpose

Do you know why it’s so very important to feel your way through this life? Do you see it as an indicator of what is wanted? Is this a way to let Universe know your objectives? Ultimately what you want to reconnect to is why your Soul chose to embody here in the first place. Put into action the understandings we share so you can get about living the most expansive life possible. Use how you feel to find your purpose in a discoverable way.

Revealing the Premise of Your Purpose Meditation: Unlocking the Key to Fulfillment

the premise of your purpose. Key to fulfillment.

In any meditation, do you recognize the importance of sitting in stillness and clearing your mind? Stilling and slowing the mind is critically important. This premise of your purpose meditation is intended to enlighten as to the reason why your Soul chose to incarnate here. It is the basic understanding you’ll want to consider. The premise of your purpose is more than you might believe it to be. Discover more about this premise today.