Why Even 1 Hidden Addiction Matters

Hidden Addictions

Do you wonder why hidden addictions matter? Do you wonder why they are important to discover and how you can get about releasing them? Let’s back up a bit, so share why you are here. You see, it’s all about your purpose in the end. So that’s where we’ll start…

The Greater Purpose Audiobook

The Greater Purpose

Do you wonder about your purpose and how our purpose books might assist you? Now The Greater Purpose, which is a three-book compilation, is an audiobook. The featured excerpt here talks about planting seeds to grow your future. Do you plant seeds for future growth? Have you wondered about the value of doing so?

Meditation to Find Your Purpose with Universal Love

Enter through the rose center

Have you considered the new means of entrance the Elders suggested last week, the portal they proposed you employ to gain entrance to the heart space? The Elders recommend entering through the center of the rose. In that update, they shared how this alternate and more effective means of connection could be enacted. It was by superimposing a rose over the heart space and entering through its center. They shared then that you might find new insights and ultimately your purpose in this way. Are you ready to discover and incorporate just a bit more?

How Does a Person Meditate to Stop Mental Distractions

Still the Mind Meditation

Utilize this and other meditational exercises (see below) to move the mental box outside of the space in which it normally resides. Meditate more easily this way. Now you can engage a means to elicit answers. To ascertain those things you desire to know more readily. In this way, the answers you want now can be more easily recognized and received. Meditate to regain that mental control as you still and slow the mind’s engagement.

This New Year & Fearless Podcast

2023 New Year Resolution

I always look forward to New Year’s activities. The many resolutions that result and the clean slate each new year suggests. As you look at your objectives do you add lifestyle choices, career goals, or personal transformative objectives to your list? And if personal transformative steps aren’t on your list, do you understand the value of incorporating them there? If you start by getting to the core issues that define you and moving from there, do you see how everything else moves with you? So if you buoy up this one thing, then the others are buoyed up too.

Are you an Alchemist, Part 1, Manifest Your Best Life

Are You An Alchemist?

Do you consider yourself an alchemist? Do you consider yourself a master alchemist? Maybe it would be helpful to define alchemy as defined here. You see, it’s the means to bring forward your best life and all that might be. Consider alchemy as another means of enacting true manifestation.

The Original Purpose Explained – Why am I here?

Why Am I Here?

Have you wondered about your purpose? And specifically, have you wondered about having an original purpose? And maybe even what the difference is between having a life purpose and an original one? This is the thing that caused your Spiritual Essence to want to incarnate here. Quite frankly it’s why you are here.

Always Seek More

Do you wonder about the statement — always seek more? The Elders use this phrase a lot in their writings, especially when giving insights and understandings. More is always in play. My objective today is to clarify this although others may scratch their head at the need to do so. And really, what more might be understood in this way? I’ve heard some don’t fully understand the point as they believe they’ve already found what they’re in search of. If you already know what the Elders suggest and don’t want any additional tidbits, just skip to the YouTube video to hear their update.

What’s Life without Purpose

While living in Boulder County, Colorado, I discovered that I had the means to energetically connect to something greater than my little me. It was an incredible realization and one that took me a while to fully believe. I’d been asking to find my purpose for years and knew I was on the right path, but I wanted more. And so from that strong desire to discover more, more was given. And I was given beautiful insights that I found I wanted to write down so they would not be lost. In time, I’ll turn those insights into another book but for now, I will share the little book that was shared with me then, it’s The Little Book to Find Your Purpose.