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What’s Your Purpose


Do you know your purpose? Have you heard someone speak about how to discover their life’s passion, mission, or purpose? Some also refer to this as their reason for being. Quite simply, it’s the reason you living here today.

Is the Law of Attraction Real

The Law of Attraction

Is the Law of Attraction real? Is it as it seems to be? How can you know for sure? And if it is real, how do you attract what you want sooner rather than later? Start by deciding to move forward as you determine to move closer to what you want. What does it mean to move forward in this way? Is it a physical step, or is it an intentional movement to become more aligned with what you came to do or be?

What is Present Moment Awareness

Present Moment Awareness

So what does “Being in the Now” or present moment awareness mean? This is when you are meant to pause and recognize where you are in life. Where you are and what you are doing as you live in the now-ness of this life experience.

Unlimited Potential


Do you realize that you have unlimited potential? Do you realize that you are limitless? The limitations you experience are those which are self-imposed. There are no limitations but those you choose to embrace. All potentialities are limitless.

Ego & the Thoughts You Keep

What about ego and the thoughts you keep? It was once a necessary and critical component anchored within your physical form. There are still many benefits ego offers. It has served to provide the needed guideposts for survival in earlier times. So relevant was its purpose and mission that the demise or loss of one’s life would have more readily occurred without its most critical evaluation of the circumstances surrounding it in less secure times.

Embrace All – Be Limitless


There are no limitations, but those you choose to embrace. All potentialities are limitless. Choose now to remove any self-imposed constraints and embrace your unbridled destiny. It is of endless possibility and is of your choosing. It is yours to embrace. Only when you choose a self-limiting thought does this limitation enter your world as it seeks to anchor there. Move away from all that does limit you by your thoughts.

Step into New Opportunities

Step into New Opportunities

Today marks a day of vibrancy and hope as we move into the opportunities that await in the unfolding year. Not just for you, but for all who walk the path and seek enlightenment. Each new day does mark new opportunities that will bring solace and move each closer to all they seek and aspire to accomplish.

What Direction is Best

Are you moving in the right direction? Yes, surely your thoughts and desires move you in one direction or another, but are they moving you in a preferred direction? Consciously or subconsciously you are creating a flow of desire based on concepts you set up before you came into embodiment here.

Become Consciously Aware

Consciously Aware

Do you want to become more consciously aware? Do you connect to your Soul or communicate routinely? Do you believe that the Soul is too elevated or unreachable? Recognize that more can become a part of your life when you seek to consciously connect in a meaningful way. Conscious awareness is simply remaining conscious throughout the day. Staying present when the mind seeks to redirect. Set an intention to remain conscious and aware as you set the stage to do so.

How to Make This the Last Incarnation #6

final incarnation

We’ve been providing a series of updates around a July 16, 2023 insight given by the Elders. It’s about how to make this the last incarnation. If you’ve missed them, here’s the first one. I split their update into six installments. This is the final one; it’s the conclusion. Here, the Elders share how to […]